Explains Details about the Georgia Lifeline Program That Provides Free Phones

June 30 09:47 2022 Explains Details about the Georgia Lifeline Program That Provides Free Phones

A recent Pew Research study shows that most people believe cell phones improve their personal lives and impact education. Mobile phones allow families and friends to stay in touch, provide a safety net for those who live alone, and are invaluable during emergencies like vehicle breakdowns. However, many people find it difficult to afford even budget cell phones.  

With that in mind, Georgia and other states offer a program that provides qualifying citizens with phones and cell phone service. It is called Lifeline and is a benefit program coordinated by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Over 30 million households qualify for the program’s no-cost communication services.  

How the Georgia Lifeline Program Works

Lifeline provides free cell phones to qualifying low-income individuals. Thirty-four states now offer the Lifeline Program, including Georgia, which makes it easy to get more info online. Interested parties can find out if they qualify and then enroll via a provider’s website.  

The LifeLine program, unlike some government plans, is popular and effective. The American Rescue Plan has been called The ‘Lifeline’ That Wasn’t. In contrast, the FEC’s free lifeline cellphone plan is targeted, helpful, and has already served millions of low-income citizens.

Who Qualifies? 

Georgia free cellphone providers like enTouch Wireless provide clear, easy-to-understand guidelines that make it simple for individuals to determine whether they qualify for the service. Two groups of residents may be eligible- those enrolled in specific government benefit programs and people who qualify due to their income. 

Low-income phone service in Georgia makes it possible for eligible residents to get a free landline or wireless phone at a discount. Seniors often qualify for the service. The free phone program for Georgia seniors enables them to receive help through enTouch and the Georgia Lifeline program, according to

Residents may qualify if they get help through:

  • Medicaid 

  • SNAP/Food Stamps 

  • Supplemental Social Security (SSI) 

  • Various other government programs

Georgia residents who do not receive any of the above assistance may be eligible if their household income meets Federal poverty guidelines. It is easy to fill out an online application that determines eligibility. Per the Georgia Public Service Commission, residents who qualify for free phone service may also be eligible for discounted broadband service.

What Does the Service Provide?  

Lifeline’s free phone service entitles eligible residents to a free phone and free plan: 

The phone: 

  • A new premium smartphone 

  • An Android operating system with a large screen 

  • Guaranteed quality

The plan:  

  • Up to 10GB of data

  • Unlimited talk & text 

  • Free international calling

The FCC has been administering the Lifeline Program since 2016 and continually updates services to meet the public’s changing needs. The commission ensures that all providers meet at least the minimum standards. However, companies offering the services usually far exceed the required services.  

Because cell phones have become so essential to daily life, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission created a program to provide free phones and services to eligible Americans. To be eligible, customers must be enrolled in specific government benefit programs or meet income guidelines. Recipients can check online to see if they qualify. 

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