BITMIC, Launches Metaverse Gallery for NFT Art

June 30 00:18 2022
BITMIC, Launches Metaverse Gallery for NFT Art

BITMIC, a leading metaverse blockchain platform optimized based on NFT services for artists, live commerce, and influencer entertainment markets, announced the launch of the NFT art gallery in the metaverse. 

At the BITMIC METAVERSE gallery, works by artist Ha Jung-woo, a popular actor and painter, are currently on display and recently, BITMIC is preparing an exhibition of ‘Photo People’ produced by Kim Jaejoong, a former member of the famous K-pop group TVXQ.

‘Photo People’ is a project that shows how Jaejoong Kim steps-up as a photographer while taking a photo tour with six other Korean celebrities. Photos taken by Jaejoong for Photo People project will be produced in a form of NFT for exhibition and sales.

BITMIC provides an integrated service by building the Metaverse Gallery and NFT Marketplace on one platform. The Metaverse Gallery exhibits art works in collaboration with promising artists. The gallery is linked with the NFT Marketplace for users to easily purchase and sell the NFT artworks.

Many celebrities are creating digital arts, releasing them as NFTs and selling them recently, and BITMIC provides these artists with a Metaverse Gallery platform to help them exhibit their works and give an opportunity to promote their work to the public. BITMIC users can see the works exhibited exclusively in the BITMIC Metaverse Gallery. In addition, BITMIC aims to create an environment where the artworks can be exposed to the public in various ways by not only exhibiting in the Metaverse Gallery, but also exhibiting NFTs, which will be launched later, in offline cafes.

If NFT is exhibited in a cafe, it is expected that the exposure of NFT works of BITMIC partner artists will be optimized, which will have a positive effect on marketing. All works displayed in the cafe will be available for purchase and sale through the BITMIC ecosystem.

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