Fiberroad Industrial POE Switches Are Making Waves in the Smart Bus Market

June 29 23:45 2022

Fiberroad Industrial PoE Switches are helping bus fleets transition to “smartness” in Portugal to increase public transport efficiency.

Road collisions seriously threaten the safety of passengers on board public transport vehicles. Hence, deploying a system that immediately sends signals to transit control is among the essential prerequisites to ensure a maximum level of passengers’ safety. Smart Bus technology is no longer a network of vehicles. Instead, it’s an ecosystem of people, vehicles, and services working together to improve the lives of all who drive, ride, or live near them.

As part of “Smart Portugal,” a Portugal public bus contractor deployed Fiberroad Industrial PoE Switch into their “Smart Bus” to fully support vehicle-to-vehicle communication and a smart bus ecosystem. Fiberroad Industrial PoE Switches are helping bus fleets transition to “smartness” in Portugal to increase public transport efficiency. Its open architecture allows easy integration into any system design.

With a commitment to helping the smart vehicle transportation market grow, Fiberroad turnkey solutions help bus contractors increase ridership with industry-leading technology that adapts to their needs effectively. Their cutting-edge Industrial Ethernet Switch enables them to implement more necessary and beneficial technology such as cameras, GPS/GPRS, and wireless internet access into their buses.

Fiberroad is a company that specializes in producing network communication products and optical data transmission systems. With a strong foundation in fiber optical technologies, Industrial Ethernet technologies, and the integration of broadband access technologies, they stand high in the global telecommunications market.

The Fiberroad Industrial PoE Switch captures the entire bus network’s data, including the location of the bus, live look-in capability, and computer-aided dispatch. The information is then transmitted to a central database in real-time. This allows bus contractors always to have detailed knowledge of each vehicle’s situation and passengers’ activities. 

When asked about their success in the Smart bus project, the founder said, “Our unique strength is born from our experience in manufacturing and supplying a complete range of network communication products and comprehensive solutions combining high-end equipment and technical services. Our Industrial PoE Switches are designed to support vehicle-to-vehicle communications and the smart bus ecosystem, which significantly contributes to the evolution of mobile communications in the public transport environment and enriches the passenger experience.We’re committed to building a global presence through product innovation, exceptional customer service, and technical support.”

Fiberroad Industrial PoE Switch makes it easier for transport managers and fleet operators to monitor staff performance and control fleet vehicles remotely to ensure safe operations and effectively manage incidents such as service delays and disruptions using two-way radios.

When it comes to accessibility and safety, the benefits of Fiberroad Industrial PoE Switch are clear. Whether it’s automated stop announcements or enhanced security features like automatic vehicle location, passengers will have a truly connected experience when traveling on a smart bus.

See and hear the world in real-time. Fiberroad Industrial PoE Switch Series provides smarter transit solutions to keep passengers safe; live look-in capability for camera-equipped buses allows Transit Control to investigate and appropriately respond to unplanned events quickly and effectively.

With many bus fleets, it is difficult for passengers to keep track of bus timings. Here Fiberroad Industrial PoE Switch comes to the rescue, takes the guesswork out of travel, and keeps people moving. Fiberroad’s Industrial PoE Switch works with mass transit systems of any size and helps keep buses on schedule while improving passenger experience by providing accurate information about the bus status.

Many bus contractors think about how to transform the public transit experience into an experience that’s meaningful and useful. It all starts with IIoT. For many companies and public transportation providers, IIoT offers the chance to redefine how their services are delivered. Fiberroad, with its eagle eye team and cutting-edge systems, enables IIoT Solution in Smart Bus System for real-time vehicle tracking, notifications in case of an unexpected event, and personalized travel news to passengers.

Many fleets are now reaping the benefits of a switch supplied by Fiberroad, which helps them become more productive and service their customers better than before. All in all Fiberroad PoE switch is a revolutionary invention that enables bus fleets to decrease their operating costs, improve the passenger experience and increase efficiency using the most advanced network technology.

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