QRCodeChimp introduced digital business cards for HR companies and marketing agencies

June 29 19:34 2022
Pune-based QR code management platform QRCodeChimp introduced digital business cards for their customers.

Digital business cards have a display page containing your contact, professional details, and other relevant information. Individuals can share their digital business cards within their network to develop more connections and connect with potential customers. Pune-based QR code management platform QRCodeChimp introduced digital business cards for their customers. 

Digital business cards can create substantial value for marketing agencies and HRs. Marketing agencies and HR teams are the target customers. This ensures complete security and allows one to create in bulk with white labeling options. 

“We are already developing the best digital business cards in the market for our customers. Customer feedback, the design team spending late nights, and the tech team’s efforts led to the development of the digital business cards. The new digital business cards are easy to make, beautiful, and can be customized as per the customers’ needs,” said Deepa Shetty, Product Design Executive, QRCodeChimp.

Creating a digital business card is very simple. Customize the digital business card page URL according to your choice. After you have saved it, you cannot change it. Then save the template for the digital business card. Provide the details like contact information, social media links, images, and weblinks. Other details can be added by clicking on the Add button. One can add or delete components as per their needs. Next, customize the page design by selecting the background color, image or video, font style, card style, and page loader. Click the Save button to save the information that you gave and select the designs and font.

There are multiple benefits associated with using digital business cards. Some of them include:

– The user does not need to have the technical knowledge to create this digital card for their professional needs. 

– The company lets the users customize the card as per their preferences, like decorating their QR code to make it visually appealing.

– One can add their business logo to the digital business card QR code.

– A user can develop sub-accounts and folders for managing the QR codes, share these folders with others, and even see the folder-level analytics.

– The bulk uploading feature helps users to create multiple QR codes at once.

– It comes with an analytics dashboard for tracking the QR code scans, time-wise, device-wise, and location-wise analytics, and then one can evaluate the QR codes seamlessly.

For more details, visit https://www.qrcodechimp.com/digital-business-card.

About QRCodeChimp:

TezMinds Software Pvt Ltd. of Pune introduced QRCodeChimp, a platform for managing QR codes, in 2019. It is a one-stop shop for designing and managing QR code campaigns is QRCodeChimp. More than 2,25,000 users, including Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, marketing agencies, and freelancers, are currently using QRCodeChimp to interact with their target audience.

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