Emerging Hip-hop Artist Blackwater OG New Single ‘S.W.I.S’ Makes Waves

June 29 23:23 2022

Filled with catchy beats and spot-on lyrics, S.W.I.S is currently playing on Shade 45 on XM radio.

Reggae is praised as a mixture of soul, folk, and Caribbean music. It is also known for its tremendous beats and fantastic basslines, the two things basic in Hip Hop music. But, there is a reason why this art form has managed to still the hearts of millions. And, the reason is incredible artists, who never fail to impress their audience. Blackwater OG, a name not new to this genre enthusiasts, is immensely loved for his great tracks. Artist’s latest track, ‘S.W.I.S’ has been the talk of the town since its release in May 2022.

‘S.W.I.S’ with its catchy beats and unique rhythm has a classic feel that the fans cannot resist. However, it is not the first time that the artist swept his audience off their feet. Blackwater OG’s track ft. Bz Bwai & Chi King, titles ‘We R Not The Same’ garnered over 48K views on YouTube, and managed to top the charts. Surprisingly, the artist not just offers quality in terms of music to his audience, but he also offers variety when it comes to visuals. The maven, independent hip hop/reggae artist has filmed music videos around the world, including some breathtaking locations such as Spain, Italy, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico & more. However, he is probably the mere independent first artist ever to film a music video in the Roman colosseum in Italy without getting arrested.

Blackwater OG began making music videos in 2011, and since then the artist is appreciated for his crafts by millions. Talking about his passion to create music, the artist said, “I have always been fascinated by the Hip Hop music. Whenever I used to listen to I’m listening to this music, it brings so many when I’m sad, puts my anger into words, and rings [my confidence hip hop, I felt connected. When I was sad, I felt as if hip-hop music puts my anger into words and rang confidence in me. But it was when I realized that this form of art has served as a catalyst offering cultural awareness and unity across several racial groups, that I decided to create music. Hip hope offers an emotional outlet to listeners, no matter whatever they are going through in their lives, and I desired to do same with my music. And, the splendor of this music form needs to be brought into the limelight since so many people only focus on the negatives of this genre of music. In my opinion, there is a hip-hop song for every occasion.”

Blackwater OG has also won an accolade for best music in film for an independent movie titled ‘Frank Blue.’ As an independent artist who loves traveling around the globe to film my music videos at the world’s most popular destinations, Blackwater OG is destined to reach heights. Do not forget to tune into his new song called “S.W.I.S” currently playing on Shade 45 on XM radio!

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