Spotted Arjun Kapoor flexing with Flexnest

June 29 16:19 2022

Recently, Bollywood celebrity and fitness enthusiast Arjun Kapoor was seen using Flexibell, which are smartly engineered dumbbells by Flexnest. Flexnest, a brand that has revolutionized the fitness industry with its world-class technology and smart fitness devices, is engineered by product scientists from Germany and Berlin. The vision is to bring fitness to every household. With Flexnest, one gets the required equipment and necessary fitness training from the comfort of one’s home.

Given our busy lifestyles and hectic work cultures, fitness often takes a backseat. A lot of us start facing health issues very early in our lives. Time is one of the biggest constraints when it comes to maintaining one’s health. Flexnest is the brainchild of Rhea and Raunaq Singh Anand, a power couple who founded this company with the aim of bringing smart and guided gym equipment to help you get back in the groove with utmost comfort.

Whether it is a celebrity like Arjun Kapoor or a layman like you and me, we all need to stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle. In a short period, Flexnest has become a pan-India brand that is equally trusted by celebrities and commoners. They have a range of 12 gym equipment that is specifically designed for promoting home workouts.

Flexnest offers a perfect solution for all of you busy bees who can hardly find time to hit the gym but desperately need to stay fit. They offer you a host of products ranging from Smart indoor bikes to modular dumbbells that can help you stay fit. All their products are Bluetooth enabled, which allows you to keep track of your fitness. Connect these devices with your Android or IOS for easy health monitoring.

Their Flexibike is one of its kind smart bike that is Bluetooth enabled and can offer you the best cardio experience. Their flexibike also comes with a trainer-led workout session and can give you over 100 virtual rides. This is fascinating and highly motivating for someone who hates working out. Trusted by celebrities like Guru Randhawa and Arjun Kapoor, Flexnest has become a favorite brand among fitness enthusiasts!

Their Flexiscale is much more than a simple weight monitoring device and works on 13 different body parameters like body fat, body protein, BMI, etc. All their products come with a complimentary Flexnest app subscription, allowing you to monitor your physical progress with every workout session.

For those who miss their fitness trainers during a home workout, you can stream their fitness classes and learn from their experts. You can access the guidance of world-class trainers by using their Flexnest app.

Flexnest also provides free pan-India delivery for all orders placed on their website. They also have no-cost EMI options for orders above Rs. 10,000. For more information, you can visit their website download their app on your android or IOS. You can also catch them on their social media handles and be a part of their fitness revolution.

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