Nomadic Management Launches, an Initiative to Clean Public Lands in the United States

June 29 16:09 2022
To promote their ongoing efforts to keep public lands clean, Nomadic Management has launched PinTheTrash, a community initiative that encourages people to join in on the agency’s cleaning efforts

From National parks to forests, wildlife refuges, conservation areas, monuments, historic sites, memorials, recreation areas, scenic rivers, lakeshores, seashores, and more, public lands in the United States are under threat because of the lack of attention they suffer which has led to the grossly unclean state they have sustained lately. Although these lands are rich in history and natural beauty, they have not been the focus of cleanup efforts for many years.

On this note, Nomadic Management is pleased to announce the launch of, an initiative which is geared towards encouraging the cleaning and picking up of trash that litter public lands in the United States. The initiative aims to preserve the vulnerable and natural public lands in the United States and uphold a community-driven system where all hands will be on deck to see to the cleaning of these lands.

“We are passionate about the environment and strive to improve the appearance and safety of our neighborhoods, parks, camping and hiking areas,” explained Steve Headrick, a Board Member of the Nomadic Management. “By maximizing our abilities, combined with communities of patriotic individuals, we can effectively change between now and generations to come. We invite everyone to PinTheTrash with us as we make a change together and shaping a brighter future for people and our lands.”

For people to be a part of the PinTheTrash initiative, they have to download the PinTheTrash mobile app with which they can easily report any trash they see, anywhere with just the click of a button. When users report trash, Nomadic Management will alert the right people in that area to resolve the issue. Users do not participate in the trash clearing but only help Nomadic Management figure out areas where cleaning services should be deployed.

The PinTheTrash mobile app offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface with seamless navigation to make trash reporting easy and fast. In addition, the app is compatible on a wide variety of smartphone devices.

To be a part of the PinTheTrash movement and help preserve public lands in the United States, please visit to download a suitable version of the PinTheTrash mobile app and start reporting trash.

About Nomadic Management

Nomadic Management is a non-profit organization that is uniting people to keep public lands clean and open for future generations. The agency is committed to ensuring that what is left of public lands is preserved, which led to introducing the PinTheTrash initiative. Through its initiative, Nomadic Management will be able to fulfill its vision of keeping and preserving public lands.

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