How to deal with the high temperature shock generated by the heat treatment of terminal blocks?

June 29 14:01 2022

Years of experience in the terminal heat treatment enabled in the contactor core surface oil or greasy after a period of use. Will core surface anti-rust grease wipe clean, core surface requirements flat, but should not be too light, otherwise easy to cause delayed release. Throughout the assembly process, must withstand the high temperature of the preheat zone and the temperature conducted to the terminal body through wave welding. Solder must not affect the terminal and must be easy to remove without any residue. The following have fun for you to compile the following to deal with the heat treatment of terminals generated by the high temperature shock of the four recommendations:

First: the entire assembly process must be able to clean with water. Preheating temperature often reaches 100 °C or higher, wave temperature of 280 °C is not uncommon.

Second: The pierced solder pins must be accurately positioned, properly sized, balanced in placement, and have good solderability, which facilitates insertion and soldering.

Third: Throughout the assembly process must withstand the impact of high temperatures generated by heat treatment, in the welding mainly using infrared preheating and convection preheating so that the heat is conducted to the interface of the solder pin and tin plate to melt the solder paste. Poor contact resistance to melt soldering performance, in the start of the motor or line short circuit, high current to make contact.

Fourth: the head solder and can not be released, which is easier to melt solder with pure silver contacts. The main contact of the AC contactor should be selected with a silver-based alloy with strong resistance to melt welding, such as silver iron, silver nickel, etc.

Fifth: In the fiber optic communication (transmission) links, in order to achieve different modules. Equipment and systems between the flexible connection needs, there must be a kind of fiber optic and fiber between the removable (activity) connected devices, so that the optical path can be transmitted according to the required channel, in order to achieve and complete the intended or desired purpose and requirements, can achieve this function of the device is called a connector. Plastic terminal block is the two ends of the optical fiber precision butt, in order to make the launch of the optical fiber output of light energy can be coupled to a greater extent to the receiving fiber, and make due to its intervention in the optical link and the impact on the system to a lesser extent, which is the basic requirements of fiber optic connectors.

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