Minesweeper Art – a Breath of Fresh Air in the World of NFT

June 29 13:57 2022
Minesweeper Art - a Breath of Fresh Air in the World of NFT
Good old Minesweeper undergoes its rebirth as a work of art in NFT collections

Rotterdam, Netherlands – Crazy Professor Studios today announced Minesweeper Midi Gems, an upcoming NFT collection made of one-click win screenshots with the mines symmetrically distributed. Minesweeper Midi Gems is the first and only collection that consists of unprecedentedly rare game outcomes and offers a new way for the Minesweeper admirers to discover the beauty of the game results as a work of art.  

“Millions of Minesweeper players know that a one-click win is a unique case. Together with symmetrically distributed mines it literally turns into a once-in-a-lifetime event,” says Asia Pilyugina, CEO at Crazy Professor Studios. “We found out that the chances to see such a game result are 305 in a tredecillion – finding a needle in a haystack is 10^33 times easier!”

Features and benefits of the Minesweeper Midi Gems collection include:

  • The collection consists of real screenshots of one-click win results with symmetrically distributed mines for the Minesweeper Intermediate level.
  • Containing all possible variants of these rarest game outcomes, for the first time in NFT history this collection is naturally limited in size (just 344 tokens).
  • Additionally, the collection holders will enjoy special privileges, closed raffles, and have a chance to get paid travel to the World Video Game Hall of Fame in Rochester, NY. 

For more information on the Minesweeper Midi Gems collection, visit https://www.crazyprofessor.site/

About Crazy Professor Studios:

The co-founder and scientific advisor of the company is a real scientist with Erdős number equal to 3 – the median value for Fields medalists, which is superior to 91% of the world’s mathematicians. The company sees its mission in dissecting the simple elegance of math and transferring it to the world of contemporary art. New approaches to showing the beauty of numbers and symmetry experiments make Crazy Professor Studios and its collections very special.

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