Maono WM820 TikMic, a Good Enough 2-Person Wireless Microphone Kit for Vloggers and TikTok Content Creators

June 29 17:45 2022

Maono TikMic wireless microphone series has single transmitter and single receiver versions as well as dual transmitters and single receiver versions to meet the needs of different users. This series is more suitable for short video recording on social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube.

Since the interfaces of cameras, iOS devices, and Android phones are different, Maono is specially equipped with receivers of different interface types. The portability and wireless design of the Maono TikMic series make it ideal for recording vlogs and TikTok videos with high-quality audio.

What’s New 

When a content creator buys a Wireless Go, he or she will find that it does not support a direct connection to the smartphones, it needs to be equipped with an adapter to work. Do you also encounter such a problem? For this problem, Maono gives an ideal solution.

The newly released Maono WM820 TikMic two-person wireless mic system (for most iOS devices) has a huge upgrade in terms of device connectivity. The receiver of this version has an MFi-certified lightning connector. The new receiver can be directly plugged into your iPhones and iPads. This variant still bundled two transmitters with the receiver so you can easily record two people simultaneously.

In addition, transmitter batteries can last up to 6 hours after a full charge, effectively avoiding the embarrassing situation where you need to pause in the middle of recording.  

The Maono WM820 TikMic series also has a receiver version with a 3.5mm interface, which can be directly connected to the camera. This series adopts MNCT noise reduction technology to save time for users’ post editing.

Easy Operation

In no more than 5 seconds, you can get the Maono WM820 TikMic wireless mic system ready and start creating content right away. For fast pairing, the receiver and transmitters will be paired automatically in two seconds. To mute the microphones, you can just short press the mute button. What’s more, transmitter batteries can last up to 6 hours after a full charge, effectively avoiding the embarrassing situation where you need to pause in the middle of recording.

More Features

On the transmitter, there is a built-in omnidirectional mic. With the lapel mics included in the package, you can use the systems on multiple occasions. The transmission range of WM820 TikMic (receiver with lightning interface) is up to 35m(115ft), which is enough for most people in most application scenarios, including outdoor vlogging. Moreover, there is an LED indicator in the receiver to know the connection status.


Maono WM820 TikMic offers excellent compatibility with a dedicated set for iOS devices. The long battery life of 6 hours is also sufficient for recording needs in most usage scenarios. If you are a vlogger, TikTok content creator, and a reporter, the TikMic might be a great solution for your recording needs. Whether you are streaming, interviewing, vlogging, or making skype/zoom calls, the Maono WM820 TikMic can always enhance your experience and uplift your performance to the next level!

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