Aijia Housewares Launches Washing Machine Mobile Base

June 29 17:34 2022

Aijia Houseware is a houseware and kitchen appliance specialist from China. They currently release mobile heightened support, which raises washing machines and refrigerators.

Aijia Houseware has announced a new houseware product, a washing machine mobile base. This washing machine mobile base allows users to raise the washing machine and refrigerator to stand sturdily on an uneven floor surface and makes it easy to move. They have various models and sizes of washing machine mobile bases for indoor and outdoor use. The washing machine mobile base  can hold a huge weight, up to 800 kg. In addition, the height can also be adjusted. The model with wheels has a fixed height of 9 cm. Without wheels & fixed models can be adjusted from 9–12 cm, and fixed models without wheels can be adjusted from 19–22 cm.

A company representative from Aijia Houseware said, “If your home has carpeting, then it is unlikely that you need a mobile base for your washer, as most carpeting will provide sufficient friction for the washer to stand upright.” Our washing machine mobile base is ideal for hardwood and tile floors, which can withstand a machine’s weight but cannot provide sufficient traction for the machine to stand upright by itself. You can easily move your refrigerator and washing machine as this tool has wheels to support the weight and help them move.”

There are many different types of adjustable washing machine mobile bases available on the market. The first type is based on rubber wheels that roll on top of the floor surface and provide stability and mobility at the same time. Many people choose this base type because it can be easily moved around with the machine or be repositioned to clean underneath the unit.

Another type is a heavy-duty plastic base with four legs that prop up the front of the washer, creating a sturdy base for it to rest upon. This type comes in various heights depending on the surface the users want to place it on. “You’ll want to look for one higher if you plan on using it on carpeting and lower if your floor is tile or wood,” said a store representative.

About Aijia Housewares

Aijia Houseware is a houseware and kitchenware online store in China. They offer a wide range of homeware products and kitchen appliances, such as a new mobile heightened support for washing machines and refrigerators that can carry heavy, bulky appliances from one location to another. Aijia Houseware ensures that it provides excellent services and high-quality adjustable mobile heightened support.

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