Using Constructech to Disrupt an Age Old Industry

June 29 17:16 2022
Southeastern Reconstruction is committed to changing the status quo of how customers and crew members are treated in the construction industry.

Natural disaster restoration. In an industry ladened with catastrophe and chaos, Southeastern Reconstruction is aiming to do something different. At first glance, upon arriving at “Corporate HQ” of Southeastern Reconstruction or ‘SE Recon’ as they call it; you may not feel as though you are stepping foot into a company that merely handled residential roof claims a few years ago. It seems more like a tech atmosphere. Between the dogs running around and the sea of millennials, I was pleasantly surprised to bear witness to what employees called the “future of insurance restoration”.

By combining new age tech and data analytics systems, SE Recon has grown quickly via two core principles: 1. giving all employees the best platform to succeed and 2. utilizing newfound tech to do so.

“Communication has been the downfall of construction since it’s inception- especially when we least expect it after a hurricane” the team proclaims, “-and with our tracking systems, we have alleviated a lot of the pressures that have plagued our competition”. But that’s not all. This is probably one of the only construction companies I will ever witness that is filing visa applications on behalf of the undocumented immigrant labor force that remains constantly exploited throughout the industry.

When asked about the application process, owner Avi Reddy claims, “It’s insane to me. This is the only industry where you treat your labor force as humans and you’re commended for it. Talk about setting the bar low.”

Their basis is by running an operator model via tech and internal labor, in which all organizations use HQ as their central information hub, they cut out the middle men that profiteer off these groups, they are able to streamline their staffing needs thus passing these savings to end consumers.

This sounds great, but others have tried (maybe not visas) and faced one major problem. And its root is the same as the game of telephone we all played as kids. Distance and information don’t necessarily get along.

The solution Southeastern has come up with almost seems simple. By utilizing the same tech that allowed society to survive during the COVID-19 epidemic, SE utilizes systems eerily similar to virtual walkthroughs and drone imagery to reduce the need for the telephone game itself. Site superintendents simply record their surroundings and all the imagery is captured in a three-dimensional model so their experts at HQ can provide guidance live in a VR setting. This coupled with the education & training that is being provided to an underserved community is truly a change of pace in the construction industry.

We welcome SE Recon on their journey to changing an industry whose “last technological innovation was the hardhat”.

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