Goodway Group Creates First Hybrid All-Company Summit with Confetti

June 29 06:43 2022

Digital media and marketing services firm Goodway Group rose to the challenge of planning its bi-annual all-company summit both virtually and in-person for the first time for its workforce of more than 450 people.

Although the company has been fully remote since 2008, pre-pandemic staff from across the US would come together physically for the summits. But this year the strategy and plan had to change to a combined virtual and in-person event experience, whilst ensuring that remote employees felt as essential and engaged as those attending in-person.

While researching virtual activities as part of the planning for the summit, the Goodway Group team discovered Confetti, a platform that offers an extensive range of virtual and hybrid team-building experiences.

“If you’re remote you have to get your people together. But for the summit, there were people who wanted to attend but remain virtual. So, how do we keep those people engaged? We needed to figure out experiences that felt completely different from the day-to-day,” explained Jackie Nadel, Goodway Group’s former Marketing Manager. 

The company needed the assurance that the virtual element of the summit would keep attendees engaged and the ability to easily share event offerings with their team so that remote employees had a say in what activities they did. In addition to the ability and autonomy to curate a perfect hybrid experience, the company also wanted a certain level of self-service to help them save time and energy

The Confetti platform offered a wide variety of virtual experience options with all event information – including availability and pricing – directly available and easily shareable. It also offered a way for the company to book events immediately without waiting for individual vendor responses. 

“I think it’s important to have experiences that get you out of your every day and to be doing something hands-on,” continues Jackie.

“Through Confetti, we were able to book classes for all the virtual components of the summit and will even be able to offer entirely new virtual experiences for our next one. We were trying to do something out of the ordinary, so for the virtual folks, it’s not just another week at home — they’re doing something special, too. And our Confetti experiences gave us that. It’s not a normal workday when you’re in a Candle Making Class with your co-workers or learning to make cocktails at noon.”

Feedback from participants showed that their mission had been accomplished, as Maria Villella, Sales Ops Coordinator and part of the company’s organizing team, explains:

“When the summit ended, I was getting pinged by people in the company that I didn’t know telling me what an amazing time they had in their experiences.”

“We definitely saw an improvement in employee engagement. Teams were able to engage and explore, whether it was in the art class or cooking class. People really enjoyed the hands-on experiences because Confetti did it so well.”

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