Diamond Beauty Company Offers Teeth Whitening Kit Designed To Eliminate Tooth Sensitivity

June 29 04:44 2022
The Company’s Whitening Kit Was Made Specifically For People With Extra Sensitive Teeth And Gums

Zero sensitivity, easy-to-use, professional-grade results – that’s the promise of the Diamond Beauty Company, an e-commerce brand offering teeth whitening products designed to produce immediate results with virtually no sensitivity. The company’s whitening kit aims to bring users’ teeth three to five shades whiter by the time they use up their whitening pens.

Diamond Beauty Company’s kit was made specifically for people with sensitive teeth and gums. According to its website, zero sensitivity was the company’s number one goal and so far, 99.3% of its customers have reported no sensitivity.

“I initially developed this product to help my wife after she had her adult braces removed,” explained founder and veteran Cameron Chappell. “She tried all the products on the market to whiten her teeth but couldn’t find anything that didn’t cause pain.”

Diamond Beauty Company’s teeth whitening kit consists of three regular-strength and enamel-friendly whitening gel pens, a 32 LED light mouthpiece, and a desensitizing gel pen. In addition, customers may also purchase extra-strength whitening pens. The company recommends starting with daily 15-minute bleaching sessions until the desired results are achieved after which bleaching can be limited to every week.

“Our unparalleled, professional-grade at-home teeth whitening system boasts a proprietary blend that lightens the most while sensitizing teeth the least,” added Chappell.

Customers of the Diamond Beauty Company are covered by what its website terms a “triple guarantee:” Buyers who are will not be entirely satisfied, felt any sensitivity, or don’t get their teeth at least three shades whiter after using up the full kit are eligible for a 100% refund within 60 days of purchase. Furthermore, the company provides a lifetime warranty on its mouthpiece in case of defect or damage.

“So far so good,” said Paige C. who recently purchased a kit from the Diamond Beauty Company. “I have extremely sensitive teeth and have not had an issue thus far with the product. It is extremely easy to use and doesn’t leave a film or aftertaste like I’ve experienced from other products.”

Meanwhile, customer Lori V. left this review on the company’s website: “My teeth have lightened three shades in just two weeks. The customer service at Diamond Beauty is the best I’ve ever experienced. They sent me two free desensitizing gel pens for free. The zero-sensitivity whitening kit has made such a life-changing difference for me.”

Diamond Beauty Company ships for free across the US. To purchase its teeth whitening products, customers may order online at https://diamondbeautycompany.com/.

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