Jesse Williams is Helping Consumers With Easy Purchase of Their Vehicles

June 29 02:29 2022
Entrepreneur Jesse Williams is helping vehicle buyers with necessary information so they can make confident decisions.

In addition to a home, a car is one of the single most important purchases that anyone could ever make in their lifetime. Other factors to consider apart from its price include reliability, safety, and vehicle’s history. Sadly, most people tend to overlook or ignore these factors when buying a vehicle to the detriment of their finances and even lives. Jesse Williams, a digital marketer in Las Vegas, is familiar with all the euphoria and excitement that comes purchasing a vehicle. He also knows how much this excitement can make buyers underestimate potential issues with a car. This is why his latest business venture is all about helping individuals understand what they are buying so they can make confident and well-informed decisions.

Jesse Williams offers free vehicle history reports that are gathered from several data records including DMV, auction houses, insurance companies, and police departments. All this is done to ensure that intending car owners can know the history of the car they are about to purchase.

In a recent interview with a media outlet, Jesse elaborates more on his services, “When you are using any one of our sites, you get instant access to a wealth of information, like whether there are any liens on a car, unfixed safety recalls, previous accidents or if the price is fair. While we started as a mere concept in 2015, our reputation for high-quality information has allowed us to grow fast, with more than four million people visiting our site and relying on our data each month.”  

Jesse further talks about how his services differ from others in the market. “As the owner, it’s my responsibility to create a working environment that highlights the importance of teamwork and collaboration. To help reinforce this culture, I’ve made innovation one of our corporate values. Consequently, we continue to encourage new ideas, whether they are considered breakthroughs—like a brand new service—or a series of small incremental changes that will add value for customers or make our internal processes even more efficient.”

However, the Las Vegas-based entrepreneur does not rely solely on in-house generated ideas to keep him ahead of the competition. According to him, “Monitoring user conversations on our community discussion board has allowed us to identify some of our best ones. We’ve found that listening to customer feedback has been crucial in guiding our decision-making and influencing the features we choose to innovate. It also gives us a sense of how satisfied our current users are with our offerings. Not to mention, implementing customer advice reinforces the feeling of community because people can see that we take their opinions seriously.”

Jesse credits his success to the enormous amount of time spent on marketing its services. In his own words, “We regularly post updates, images, videos, and other relevant content to drive audience engagement and start a two-way conversation with consumers. Ultimately, this has helped us increase brand awareness, boost website traffic, set the tone for our brand, and improve communication with our key audience.”

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