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June 29 00:08 2022
As a prominent pharma and biotech service provider, Creative Biolabs is fully competent and dedicated to serving one-stop PROTAC molecular discovery which has become a promising strategy in drug discovery.

New York, USA – June 28, 2022 – In recent years, proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC) technology, an effective endogenous protein degradation tool developed and has gained tremendous attention. PROTACs, also known as bivalent chemical protein degraders, are heterobifunctional molecules that target disease-causing proteins for degradation.

About 15 targeted degraders-from heterobifunctional PROTACs to molecular glues-have been in patients since 2021, according to Nature Reviews Drug Discovery.

Twenty years after the first paper on PROTAC was published, this biochemical technique for studying protein function is moving towards the clinic, with an initial proof-of-concept in oncology.

All aspects are covered in PROTAC molecule discovery service packages at Creative Biolabs, which consist of the following procedures:

• Ligand Design for Target Protein

• Ligand Screening for E3 Ligase

• Linker Design and Optimization

• PROTAC Structural Modification

• Custom Peptide and Compound Synthesis

To develop an efficient PROTAC, linker design is a vital phase in PROTAC discovery. PROTACs with different chemical linker types, locations and lengths have variable target degradation efficiencies. Linker design and optimization could expand the PROTAC toolbox, and explore new possibilities for PROTAC application.

Creative Biolabs provides PROTAC linker design and optimization services based on various linker types, lengths, and placements, using innovative chemical molecule design and synthesis platforms. From molecule design to evaluation, Creative Biolabs gathers experienced scientists and technicians to maximize the success of every project with high efficiency.

For transcription factors, non-enzymatic proteins, scaffold proteins, kinases, receptors or bromodomains, Creative Biolabs offers ligand products and ligand design services based on current research to meet various needs. The ligand for Akt-targeting PROTAC, BTK-targeting PROTAC, and ALK-targeting PROTAC, for example, are all available.

Among these, Akt is a crucial functional molecule that mediates signal transduction activity in various pathways. In recent studies, PROTAC has been extensively applied to design Akt-targeting ligands. To create, optimize, and analyze diverse ligands, Creative Biolabs has established comprehensive Akt-targeting ligand design platforms. Furthermore, Creative Biolabs has designed a specific degrader to induce Akt kinase degradation, demonstrating that Akt-targeting PROTAC is a specific and effective tool for developing and modifying kinase and ligands.

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