Smoodz – Young Talent And An Upcoming Music Artist In The Bahamas

June 28 16:40 2022

On December 1, 2001, Dray Jaquan Darcy (also known as Smoodz) was born in Nassau, Bahamas. Despite constantly listening to music as a child, he never developed a desire for creating it. He was persuaded by several buddies to participate in a fun game of battle rap when he was a sophomore in high school. The first time Smoodz attempted rapping, he immediately fell in love with it. Using an iPhone and a set of earphones as his studio equipment at the time, he began to record an increasing number of songs in his closet. Smoodz began to experiment with several recording studios after he graduated from R.M. Bailey High, including Pikliz Beats, F.I.L.M Studio, and OEU Studios.


In 2020, Smoodz remained and collaborated with F.I.L.M Studio producer Zamar Saunders for a whole year. He decided to invest in his studio while considering music ventures, and today he serves as CEO of his music label, From The Bottom Records, which gets centered in Nassau, the Bahamas. Breion is Smoodz’s first contracted artist, and you can anticipate hearing from both of them all through the upcoming year of 2023.

Around the end of 2020, after contracting himself to his Record Label and releasing his first critically acclaimed single, he started to experience professional success. He has overcome several challenges along the way and will keep working hard every day to advance his musical career.

Achieving 5M Streams on Spotify

Smoodz is an upcoming artist in The Bahamas. He recently achieved 5 million Spotify streams. More people are listening to music than ever before due to streaming, which has also made it simpler for independent and smaller musicians to be heard and largely eradicated music piracy. These arguments all support the idea that streaming is advantageous for the music business and will help Smoodz succeed as a musician in the future.

Due to the popularity of streaming services, more people than ever are listening to music from more artists. Instead of being restricted to only listening to the album they recently purchased, consumers can now tap on a song to hear it immediately. Owing to this, Smoodz is on the way to success in the coming future.

Emerging Artist On Spotify

After reaching 5M Streams, Smoodz is now considered an emerging artist on Spotify. Since Spotify now enables music artists to add new songs for the consideration of playlists before they get launched, new musicians like Smoodz have benefited. The artist will get a reminder on the day of release urging them to meet their fans if a playlist curator chooses to include a song by them in a Spotify-branded playlist. It greatly aids in moving forward in the music industry. Additionally, Smoodz uses the catchphrase “From The Bottom!” as the name of his record label and as a way to firmly embrace his journey from the beginning. Dray Jaquan Darcy aims to see new heights of success in the music world in his future!

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