Relationship Expert Chris Parsons Says “It is possible to change your spouse, just not the way you’ve been trying to”

June 28 14:40 2022
Relationship expert and marriage coach, Chris Parsons, releases “It Starts With You: The Secret to a Passionate Marriage and Peaceful Home (Even if Your Spouse Doesn’t Want to Change),” a book that offers marriage transformational tips to struggling couples

Chris Parsons has again reiterated his commitment to promoting happy marriages in America and across the globe as he recently released a new book titled It Starts With You: The Secret to Passionate Marriage and Peaceful Home (Even if your Spouse Doesn’t Want to Change). The founder of Starts With You Coaching shares his wealth of knowledge working with couples across age groups to reignite the spark in their marriages with readers. The book aims to help readers learn the powerful new technique of resolving hurts, building intimacy, feeling acknowledged and loved, and ultimately creating a passionate marriage and peaceful home.

And he says that one of the big misconceptions is people believe they are stuck dealing with their spouse and have no influence over them.

“Most people believe that you can’t change your spouse, but that’s because the way that they try to change their spouse doesn’t work. They are trying to beg, plead, or get angry. But like Newton’s third law says, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” – and when we try to force change on our spouse, they push back. So people are correct that you cannot force your spouse to change, but there are two primary ways to make your spouse WANT to change. The first is a type of communication that I call a “Shared Values Conversation”, where you go beneath the surface to connect at a deep level of intimacy that builds the desire to see our spouse be happy. The second is a way of shaping behavior, which is aligning incentives so that actions you appreciate are positively reinforced, while actions you do not appreciate are not encouraged. Using these two methods, you can make your spouse care about your hurts, your happiness, and your marriage.” Chris Parsons.

The staggering statistics that an estimated 41% of first marriages in the US end in divorce make it imperative for couples to continue finding the spark in their relationship. Unfortunately, many of the available relationship guides have failed to deliver the desired results, which is where Chris Parsons of Starts With You Coaching aims to make a difference with It Starts With You.

It Starts With You contains the needed recipes for a happy, long-lasting marriage, including hurt resolution and how to eliminate toxicity from marriages. The book comes with 3 amazing bonuses – A Decision-Making Worksheet, What to do RIGHT NOW if your spouse is distant or “checked out,” and a Simple Solution to “He tries to Solve Her Problems, She Just Wants Him to Listen,” all available for just $4.99.

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