KOOBE Coffee Bringing Sustainable Coffee Back Into Fashion

June 28 17:02 2022
KOOBE Coffee is a Canadian company offering sustainable coffee products and coffee gear made from ethically sourced materials.

According to statistics sourced from Green Peace, millions of disposable cups are consumed in Canada every week. In Vancouver alone, 2.6 million cups are trashed weekly. “This is partly because paper cups are lined with polypropylene plastic film and the lids are often made of colored plastic, which makes them difficult to recycle.” 

The eco-friendly wave is gaining traction in the coffee industry with KOOBEE Coffee at its forefront. This Canadian-based coffee shop has set its sights on creating an affordable, green solution for coffee lovers and enthusiasts. 

KOOBE Coffee currently offers two exquisite roast options, including Guatemala Medium Roast, and Ethiopia Natural medium-light roast. The latter is currently on sale and boasts a fruity, caramel tasting profile. 

Aside from offering delicious sustainable coffee products, KOOBE Coffee’s catalog comprises several coffee gear items. The Hario V60 ceramic dripper, Aeropress Go, and Hario Craft Coffee Maker pour-over set are immensely popular among Canadian coffee connoisseurs. 

What separates KOOBE Coffee from contemporary coffee manufacturers is its deep commitment to sustainability. The company has announced that for every coffee bag sold in its shop, KOOBE Coffee will donate a dollar to Tree Canada, contributing to the organization’s reforestation efforts. 

When asked about the inspiration behind bolstering Tree Canada’s mission, KOOBE Coffee’s spokesperson has imparted that the company wanted to make a change, and charity work is one of the most concrete means to do it, stating:

“They (Tree Canada) are a non-profit organization that promotes the planting and nurturing of trees in Canada’s urban and rural areas. Restoring of our forests helps wildlife habitat and also helps fight climate change,” said KOOBE Coffee’s spokesperson. 

KOOBE Coffee is committed to advancing sustainable coffee trends and fighting coffee waste pollution, one cup at a time. The company’s tasty brews come in eco-friendly packaging and promote simple, efficient recycling.

More information about KOOBE Coffee is available on the company’s official website.

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