EEIT Launches the International Renewable Energy Working Group

June 28 12:58 2022

Washington, D.C. – Jun 28, 2022 – Against the backdrop of a highly successful American Energy Security & International Trade Summit on June 21, 2022, the Eastern European Institute for Trade has begun launching its niche-focused, International Working Groups. “Working Groups are International Business Development and Global Expansion vehicles designed to expedite the brand and commercial internationalization of each of our members” explains Joseph Baran, EEIT’s Director of Energy and Infrastructure. “Each of the working groups we are launching over the next few weeks is in direct response to the positive feedback received from public and private stakeholders who attended our summit.” Baran continues, “attendees wanted more one on one collaborations, trade missions, government stakeholder meetings, domestic and international business development, and more.”

The International Renewable Energy Working Group hosts members from American and European, public and private sectors who will continue the collaborations that were introduced at the summit. This working group is designed to offer commercial executives an accelerated path to forming international strategic partnerships, communicating with the media, networking on infrastructure projects, gaining access to project finance, and more.

The International Renewable Energy Working Group provides the additional domestic and international business development services to EEIT members:

  • Surgically targeted and personalized, domestic & international business development strategies to meet and exceed the unique requirements of each member.
  • Results-driven and niche-focused commercial stakeholder outreach with regular in-person and virtual preset appointments.
  • Trade-focused international government relations that open new doors to projects and commercial growth.
  • Access to our “Golden Ticket” VIP outreach program that brings your targeted commercial executives to institute receptions, events, and summits for collaborations, strategic partnerships, and business development. Give us your list of targeted executives, we’ll take it from there!
  • Synergistic formation of public-private sector, multilateral, multinational commercial, and trade alliances.
  • Regular pre-set Institute-sponsored meetings, networking receptions, and introductions that begin with “deal” focused dialogue.
  • Accelerated international commercial and brand expansion.
  • Infrastructure project identification, joint ventures, partnerships, strategic alliances, infrastructure project packaging, and finance.
  • Connectivity and collaborations with members of dozens of Intergovernmental, Nongovernmental, and Civil Society organizations, and trade blocs.
  • Summits, National Press Club briefings, and events to launch international partnerships and projects that enunciate the international brands of each EEIT Fellow.
  • Regular in-person and virtual exploratory meetings with public-private sector stakeholders for domestic and international trade projects and collaborations.
  • Trade missions to Europe to meet commercial and government stakeholders to create new partnerships and tour regions for potential projects.
  • European trade missions to the US where commercial diplomats tour the facilities of EEIT Fellows and our Working Group sponsors and discuss Euro-American trade opportunities and partnerships.
  • Regular public and private International trade summits that are hyper-focused on identifying new projects, joint ventures, and strategic alliances.
  • Media outreach focused on EEIT Fellows, their sponsoring organizations, projects, summits, and much more!

This working group will focus on the following areas of renewable energy: Solar, geothermal, wind, hydrogen, biomass, hydropower, and more. To find out more about joining the Eastern European Institute for Trade’s International Renewable Energy Working Group, contact us today. To qualify for this working group, please complete this executive profile.

For More Information Contact: [email protected]

About the Eastern European Institute for Trade:

Our mission is to act as a strategic conduit that offers commercial enterprises a dependable multi-faceted approach, and direct trajectory to accelerated trade and economic development between American organizations and our Eastern European allies. Through EEIT’s trade missions, fellows programs, trade summits, and regional economic organization and trade association partnership programs, we are continuously raising the bar for meaningful international government relations, and results-driven multinational trade strategies.​

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