XTRON Launches NFT Collection To Build The First-of-its-kind Decentralized Social Network

June 28 08:43 2022
Groundbreaking crypto ecosystem, XTRON, announces plans to launch an NFT collection as part of the process of building the first decentralized social network funded with mint funds

The team at XTRON might just be rewriting the history books as far as the crypto and social network worlds are concerned following the planned launch of an NFT collection as part of the all-inclusive blockchain ecosystem. The goal of the project is to build the first decentralized social network funded with the mint funds and everything looks on course judging by the traction it is gaining across the globe.

Our aim with XTRON is to build the first decentralized social network funded with the mint funds.”

Crypto and the blockchain space have practically exploded over the years, with more innovative projects emerging from different parts of the world to create solutions to pressing issues. The emergence of the Metaverse and the increasing popularity of the virtual space have further brought to bear the inherent features and limitless possibilities of blockchain technology. However, the world of social networks seems to be lagging in the adoption of the versatile crypto space, which is where the forward-thinking team behind the XTRON project seeks to make a difference with the launch of an NFT collection.

XTRON aims to take the experience of social network users to a whole new level by delivering the true essence of such platforms while leveraging the decentralized nature of crypto to offer a space where people can express themselves. Social networking sites have changed the way people use the internet, with over a billion people actively on different platforms each day. While the purpose of the platforms has transcended its initial use case of connecting individuals irrespective of their location worldwide, the evolution of social networks has not delivered the desired experience to users.

The XTRON project will undoubtedly change the way people use social networks by bringing as many people as possible into the development of the platform through the sale of NFT pieces that can be subsequently traded on marketplaces. It offers a win-win scenario for holders of the NFT as they become part of the creators of a new kind of social network while also enjoying the opportunity to trade the piece upon value appreciation.

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