A Born in Mexico Fitness Model Arnold Concepcion’s Passion has Helped him Partner up with Several Reputable Brands for Promotions and Building Up Credibility

June 28 08:28 2022
Being focused and passionate about his work has helped Arnold Concepcion achieve his goals in life.

Arnold Concepcion, though born and raised in Mexico, is half-Panamanian because his father is Panamanian. Following 27 years of living in Mexico, Arnold Concepcion decided he wanted to attain his dreams and therefore went to Canada to complete his studies and obtain a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Management. The experience in Canada led him to develop a deep interest in becoming a businessman while simultaneously developing a love for sports, including soccer, basketball, gymnastics, parkour, MMA, boxing, and Calisthenics. To further his career as a businessman Arnold Concepcion became a fitness model, enjoying the idea of full-body control and weight training.

In a career that has spanned a decade, Arnold Concepcion has collaborated with several top-tier brands through his social media account for promotions and to gain tremendous credibility. For the past five months, he has been working on his body and has seen excellent results that will soon help him achieve his big dreams and become a famous fitness model. Having a relentless and passionate nature has helped Arnold Concepcion achieve his goals and earn good money while working with several brands for promotion. Arnold Concepcion’s positive aura inspires others to strive for excellence, and despite challenges and setbacks, he never stopped achieving his goals.

“My name is Arnold Concepcion, I lived in Mexico till I was 27 years and in search for a better lifestyle and to move out of my comfort zone, I moved to Canada. Now, in Canada I’m working my way to reach my goals as a future businessman, in the middle of my life, I develop this passion for sports. I have practiced all kinds of sports, soccer, basketball, gymnastics, parkour, MMA, box, Calisthenics, etc. At the end, I loved the idea of full-body control which I’ve been able to get by calisthenics, once mastered this body control, I want to go with extra weight exercises and set new limits for myself,” says Arnold Concepcion.

Apart from being a fitness model for multiple brands, Arnold Concepcion enjoys traveling to meet new people, experience new cultures, and learn about different ideologies. In spite of the fact that he belongs to a country where it is hard to pursue passions without economic stability, he strives to work hard and devotes his time to fitness and workouts. Since he is passionate about what he does, he is punctual, and he wants to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle while eating healthy food.

His preferred way of spending his time and energy is to focus on his goals and make strategies to achieve them while putting his time into productive things. The fitness enthusiast has been an inspiration for so many people since he turned his hobby into a career and is now working with a number of well-known corporations and brands to be one of the best fitness models.

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