Exclusive Interview with LIU Jin, Expert on Network Information Security Technology

June 28 04:32 2022
(Reporter: JI Yunliang)

Nowadays, the development of computer technology is changing rapidly, but there are still certain network information security problems, and the problems cannot be underestimated, because they have a close relationship with the interests of individuals and the country. With the development of information globalization, the importance of network information security has become more and more obvious. Network information security problems have caused certain interference to the legitimate rights and interests of network users, even affected the normal lives of netizens, and hindered the development of computer technology at the same time. Much of the network information is relatively sensitive information, and some are related to state secrets. If criminals obtain such information, they may cause great hidden dangers to national security.

At the forefront of such rapid development of computer technology, how to protect the privacy and information security of users and to make the computer network run smoothly are the important responsibility and mission shouldered by industry experts, scholars and technicians. Among the experts in the field of computer network and information security, who have emerged continuously in recent years, there is a very typical outstanding person – LIU Jin, a lecturer of Huaqiao University and a young research and development expert. Over the years, he has always stuck to his original intention, taking the protection of the information security of the vast number of netizens and China as his own responsibility, and has been struggling to be at the forefront of scientific research. From the beginning of entering this industry, he made up his mind to devote himself to the technological innovation, optimization and improvement of the computer network and information security field, and to strive for the network and information security all his life.

Based on his deep understanding of the industry and the lofty scientific research spirit, LIU Jin has gained a lot on the road of scientific research, and has made outstanding academic and technological research achievements. Many of the scientific and technological achievements he developed have shown extremely powerful functions in practical application, effectively ensured the network information security, had a wide-ranging and far-reaching impact on the development of the industry. Mr. LIU Jin always believes that in this era of rapid technological development, only innovation can give a new life to it and make continuous progress.

In the past two decades, we have witnessed major changes in mobile communication from 1G to 4G. And now we have developed the 5G wireless communication system. As a new communication method, 5G has increased the speed of the network to a new level and further improved the communication quality. The advent of 5G wireless system marks the transformation and change of the operation mode of traditional communication technology. It is superior to 4G in many aspects, alleviates a sharp increase in traffic on a network, and enhances the ability of various signals to resist interference. With regard to information security, there are still loopholes. It is necessary to gradually improve its technical deficiencies through continuous exploration and practice. With the increasing popularity of Internet 5G voice communication applications, digital steganography and the detection based on network voice streams have become a new research topic in the field of information hiding. The national key scientific research project, Steganography and Detection Technology for 5G Voice Communication was born at the right moment, LIU Jin was responsible for this project.

The steganography of 5G voice communication surpasses the past steganography technology and provides people with the security environment at a higher level. The detection system for 5G voice communication steganography technology is also very powerful. The detection system can effectively detect the security indicators of steganography technology in 5G voice communication, and the network information security with a higher standard can be achieved through the detection of steganography technology in 5G voice communication. The Steganography and Detection Technology for 5G Voice Communication has been widely used in 5G communication. On the basis of ensuring the high quality of voice calls, the security and information protection performance of voice calls are greatly enhanced, which has provided great power and support for the continuous development of 5G communication technology, added another solid protective umbrella to the users’ information security, greatly improved the users’ trust and reputation for 5G communication technology, made a positive contribution to the promotion and application of 5G communication technology, and created high economic and social benefits.

As an outstanding talent in the field of computer network and information security, LIU Jin has adhered to his original aspiration for many years and delved into network information security technology continuously. As the saying goes: “Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. The original aspiration is easy to defend, but it is always rare to preserve.” LIU Jin’s persistence in dedication to scientific research, as well as his rich professional knowledge and practical experience in the computer network and information security industry, has made him a well-known and influential expert in the industry. The scientific and technological achievements researched and developed by LIU Jin have provided powerful support and assistance for today’s fast-developing computer network industry going on a broader path. He imprinted the responsibility of maintaining computer network and information security deeply in his heart, so he can continuously conduct scientific research, continuously create new technological achievements that adapt to the development of the times, and promote continuous innovation and progress of the field of computer networks and information security!

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