XLAND METAVERSE, which recently received investments from multiple crypto funds, has launched XRUN, its first move-to-earn game with LandFi elements

June 28 04:26 2022


XLAND METAVERSE, a metaverse platform that focuses on the concept of digital twin earth, has recently announced that they received a one million investment from Blockpatch, Skyline Capital, Robot Cat Capital, BitGroup Capital, ChainUP Capital, BlockACE and Newave Capital. XLAND has launched XRUN, its first move-to-earn game with LandFi elements, and the XRUN App will be available on the App Store and Google Play in the near future.

The background of XLAND

XLAND METAVERSE was founded in the first quarter of 2022. The founding team is from Singapore and has had great success the mobile apps they developed such as social e-commerce app,entertainment social app and so on. Among all, the e-commerce app has over a million monthly active users and the social matrix app has gained over 100 million users with its interesting reward system and live voice system. The first entry-level app in the XLAND metaverse program is called XRUN, which combines the most popular move-to-earn mode and SocialFi features.  Compared with the simple movement mode of stpen, XRUN is featured with a lower-entry sneaker NFT, more social system of group battles, and more invitation-oriented reward methods. Aiming to add more interesting experience for users and more vitality to the early crypto market, XRUN will bring 100 million web2 new users to the crypto market to enjoy themselves in the web3 products. The core team has very rich experience in game, social, e-commerce and other fields, and practical experience of operating an app with more than 10 million users. Eric, one of the founders of XLAND, reveals that in the future, they will integrate more sports game scenarios to enrich users’ experience in move-to-earn game, empower the metaverse platform XLAND with the concept of digital twin earth, and continue to optimize the economic model.

LandFi and SocialFi dimensions in XRUN games

XRUN incorporates LandFi elements in the move-to-earn mode of the game. Based on GPS technology, it divides lands into into different levels of NFT( including T1 National/regional level, T2 Province/state level, T3 City/county level and T4 District/town level),  corresponding with the mechanisms of different rewards levels integrated in the smart contract . This helps to promote XRUN game players who hold native land NFT to excel their influence in the real world to serve the real users in the  corresponding area of their Land NFT. More details of XLAND NFT and information about its public sales plan will be announced in Q3 of 2022.

XRUN’s move-to-earn game not only has a single player running mode, but also a unique club group battle mode. XRUN intends to use its SocialFi feature to encourage users to create clubs that support the display of the PFP NFT protocol. Users who want to create a club must hold a high-level XRUN sneaker NFT. Winners of a variety of activities such as club launch challenges will receive Rare medal badges NFTs in the game.

The higher the rarity of the badge NFT is, the stronger the attribute improvement to the sneaker NFT will be, which means more XRUN tokens will be earned. Given that, users are more likely to be inclined to join a high-quality club. Therefore, XRUN will also be the first sports social platform that combines DID identity system. More information about XRUN SocialFi mode will be announced in Q4.

XRUN Shoebox NFT Public Sale Plan

XLAND completed the first round of public sales on 6.26 at 11am UTC, and a total of 3,000 shoebox NFTs were sold out in 9 hours. More information about the public sale can be found in XLAND’s official Twitter account.

‘A-step-ahead’ Program

Another important event for XLAND will be the launch of a beta network incentive program named ‘A-step-ahead’ that will start in mid-July after the public sale ends. Each early player who participates in the beta network will be rewarded with shoeboxes, treasure chests, tokens, and other airdrops, which will be distributed based on participant priority, degree of participation, and level of contribution according to the crypto market condition.The ‘A-step-ahead’ program will serve as the most important part of the marketing strategy to attract the attention of the crypto ecosystem.

More information about XLAND can be found on its social media pages.


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