Will Basta, co-founder of Ascend Ecom, revolutionizes how people invest in e-commerce

June 28 01:01 2022
Will Basta, a leading entrepreneur and investor, has co-founded Ascend Ecom, which leads the charge in helping clients launch, operate, and scale profitable Amazon and Walmart 3rd party stores.

Will Basta, a co-founder of Ascend Ecom, continues to make waves globally by disrupting the e-commerce automation space, revolutionizing how people invest in e-commerce while helping them tap into a whole new source of passive income and an opportunity to diversify their investments.

“When people diversify their portfolio, they incorporate a wide array of various asset types into their portfolio. It can help lower their portfolio’s risk so that one asset or asset class’s performance doesn’t affect their entire portfolio. That’s where Ascend Ecom comes into the picture,” says Basta, who has 10+ years of experience in tech, e-commerce & business strategy. He has been an integral part of innovative growth for multiple companies prior to Ascend Ecom.

Ascend Ecom launches, operates, and scales sustainable, passive income yielding Walmart WFS or Amazon FBA E-Commerce Automation Businesses for clients. They can diversify portfolios by adding an appreciating, cash-flowing digital asset from the trillion-dollar industry.

Basta, an 8 figure e-commerce entrepreneur, innovator, real estate investor, and venture capitalist, said he noticed a gap in the market and a lack of qualified automation providers with proper execution. 

This paved the way for him to legitimize this business model and leverage his expertise – anchored on his 10+ years of experience in tech and e-commerce – to create a tier 1 infrastructure for product research, customer service, and analytics in the e-commerce market.

“E-commerce is on a rocket ship. Hence, now is the time to tap into the 5 trillion dollar market,” stressed Basta. Ascend offers a professional, top-level Amazon automation service, a process to run and boost an Amazon business.


Ascend Ecom’s impressive business model utilizes proprietary software, AI-driven research, and exclusive wholesale relationships to procure products from carefully selected North American brands and manufacturers and sell them on Amazon through the Amazon FBA model. The team implements three separate product sourcing strategies to increase the value of clients’ business and capitalize on the market potential. In fact, Amazon FBA Automation businesses generate over $100,000 in revenue per month for the biggest clients. 

In addition, Basta and his team also support businesses in need of Walmart automation, leading the way in delivering technology that completely automates the process of creating clients’ Walmart wholesale business. The Walmart automation business model is data-driven, sustainable, and fully managed by Ascend. 

Those who want to schedule a free consultation or learn more about Ascend Ecom its complete list of services may visit the website and its social channels for more information.

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