Iggy Dance & DJ Challenge: Ushering in a New Era of Metaverse Entertainment

June 27 20:59 2022

There has been a lot of good chatter in the crypto space about what the IggyBoy collection (released earlier this year) represents and what its creators hope to achieve. According to the Iggy Team, the goal is to become a leading community/brand in the Metaverse. 


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This community is to include entertainers as well. As part of their plans, the creators of the IggyBoy utility metaverse collection (1ATH.Studio) have come up with the Iggy Dance and & DJ Challenge. The Challenge carries a total Prize pool of $15,000 and a $30,000 marketing budget for winners. Keep reading to learn all you need to know about the challenges.

What is The Reason for The Iggy Dance and DJ Challenge?

As implied above, the Iggy Team wants to be a metaverse leader, and their metaverse community (vUniversum) has to have it all. They want to create a metaverse community where members can mingle, shop, and enjoy multimedia entertainment. To achieve this, they need artists and dancers within their fold. This is how they get the artistry they require. 

As with any groundbreaking trend or new industry direction, being an early adopter or pioneer positions one to succeed. The Iggy Team sees Metaverse as the future of entertainment, and they are striking out to gather the promising talents before their competitors. The Team believes that both the project and the stars they hope to cultivate will be at the forefront of the metaverse entertainment scene when it starts to catch on.


Win $15,000 cash and NFT prizes in the Challenge giveaway: https://bit.ly/iggy-cash 

Iggy Dance and DJ Challenge Info for Dancers

For starters, the Dance Challenge is open to all dancers, individual or group, amateur or professional. The Challenge requires qualified dancers to shoot and submit a dance video to the Iggy Team using the IggyBoy soundtrack. As regards dance style and video quality, participants should operate as they wish, but the sound used must be the IggyBoy soundtrack. 

The prize distribution formula is available on the company website. As a bonus, though, the winner of the Dance Challenge in season 1 would appear in a professionally-shot promotional video for season 2. In addition, a challenge against the season 1 winner would also be offered as a marketing tool for season 2, thus, bringing even more exposure to the previous winner.

Iggy Dance and DJ Challenge Info for DJs

Like the Dance Challenge, the DJ competition is open to all DJs (professional or amateur; individual or group). The Team is leaving the door open to everyone that believes they have the skills to win. To win, qualified participants must create a remix of the IggyBoy soundtrack. While submitted soundtracks need to retain the Iggy Vibe and inspiration, they can implement any genre or style of music the participant chooses. The process for participating and winning is as follows:

How does the Iggy Dance and DJ Challenge Work?

Details regarding the Challenge are available on the IggyBoy website, but here are a few crucial pieces of information to note:

The initial stage of the Challenge will be on social media, allowing community members to vote

The social media platforms for the Challenge are Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok

IggyBoy holders will cast the final votes to determine the winners.

The distribution of prizes is according to the result of the final vote. The distribution formula is available on the website.


This Challenge essentially brings promising entertainers in contact with the IggyBoy Team. Participants would also receive free exposure when the Iggy Team’s marketing activities reference their brand names, nicknames, and social media profiles. In addition, winners may get to headline a live event currently in the works for Iggy holders and important members of the Iggy community. To stand a chance of winning, visit the IggyBoy website today to apply; this is the route to Metaverse superstardom.

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