An Ethnic tale of a Whimsical Nature

June 27 20:50 2022
An Ethnic tale of a Whimsical Nature
The Jade Necklace by Jad El Khoury
What is the world of fantasy like for different ethnicities, would they also possess the power of dragons and valiant knights?

From the mind of the Lebanese author, screenwriter, playwright and public speaker, arises a new fictional, fantasy book of the name, The Jade Necklace. Jad-el-Khoury spins a century old tale of Dragons, Magic and Warriors with a twist. All of us are familiar to these tales in one way or another, through myths of King Arthur or historical evidence, we tend to associate Shining Knights and Paladins to the Medieval Europeans. With the passage of time, this trend continues through different facets of popular media like television series, video games and books, one cannot help but stop and ask themselves, ‘What is the world of fantasy like for different ethnicities, would they also possess the power of dragons and valiant knights?’

Dr. Jad-el-Khoury provides us with a perspective that not only honors his cultural identity but the genre as well. As an experienced play, scriptwriter this fantasy novel is the product of his culminated experience along with his childhood dream of providing the world a hero that promotes diversity.

Sharing with the world his dreams of finding a hero within fairy tale books that young boys and girls of colored skin could relate. It is important to study the recipe of fictional books that depict villains or purposeless side characters as exotic creatures but the Jade Necklace stands against such messages! Each individual introduced within its story has a personality that not only defines them but gives them life.

Villains or Heroes, each character has a unique calling that will change the perception of the reader regarding their wishes and ambitions through each chapter.

“She had told him that not all humans were what they seemed. Some were born as mages, and mages were special and powerful. 

Through his writing, we are given a literary display of theater where different worlds, cultures, religions, identities and factions collide- each character is different from each other but none deviate from the over arching plot that grips the attention of the reader.

It is not all serious though as throughout the novel we find drama, comedy and romance to pique the reader’s interest.

Truly a spectacle, the Jade Necklace is the tale regarding the relentless pursuit of heroes who stop at nothing to achieve their destiny albeit, with each chapter, we see their destiny crumble, reform and stand in a light much different than what they imagined it to be. Hope, loss and denial, we see our protagonists and antagonists twist and conform to the environment, changing themselves and each other through each crash of a wave personified in the form of rivalries, friendships and romance. Similar to the seasons we experience, each chapter brings with it a solstice that calls for different emotions and yearnings for each character alas, as for the villains, much can be said without lifting the veil.

Sinister but silent, a shadow grows under the influence of light.

A total of 372 pages, the novel, the Jade Necklace is now available for purchase in e-book format from Amazon.

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