DrAW Dental Clinic is opening a new location in Tijuana.

June 28 00:35 2022
Renowned dental clinic, DrAW Dental Clinic, is offering dental implants and other dental services in its new location, Tijuana.

DrAW Dental Clinic is delighted to announce the launch of its new clinic in Tijuana. The Dental Clinic has been offering dental services in Mexico, where it has gained quite a reputation. Thanks to its stellar services and client satisfaction, the clinic has rapidly grown, now expanding into a new location in Tijuana.

Dr. Alberto Wintergerst explains that the clinic is on a mission to create smiles for a lifetime. He explains that dental care costs are very high, leading to many people neglecting their oral health. Many others have found themselves subscribing to dental clinics that aren’t safe, leaving them with botched dental procedures. DrAW Dental Clinic ensures that people can access dental care at affordable rates and in a safe environment.

The dental team at DrAW Dental Clinic has received praise from clients for unmatched customer service. The clinic offers dental implants, teeth whitening, prostheses, braces, dental surgery, and more. Each service is tailored to ensure that clients receive the best possible care.

Through extensive experience in the dental care sector, the DrAW Dental Clinic team understands that the American health system has serious gaps when it comes to oral health needs. Through the expansion into Tijuana, DrAW Dental Clinic hopes to begin closing some of these gaps by bringing the best dental care to US residents. “Oral health care is critical. We are focused on ensuring that everyone has access to dental care from certified professionals.” 

According to Dr. Wintergerst, the new location allows the clinic to extend its services to more people. The new location in Tijuana is the clinic’s first step toward dominating the US dental care space. “We are where beautiful smiles begin and plan to help more people regain their confidence through professional treatments.”

DrAW Dental Clinic caters to all dental patients, from kids to adults, allowing people to learn the treatment options available after consultation. Dr. Wintergerst explains that it is crucial for patients to understand the services they receive. The team at DrAW Dental Clinic ensures to educate its clients about various treatments and services.

The dental clinic also shares rich dental information through its company blog. The blog covers various procedures, teeth care, technological advances in dentistry, and more. People can browse multiple procedures and what they entail, the recovery periods, and do and don’ts for oral health.

When it comes to dental procedure prices, DrAW Dental Clinic recommends that patients ask questions and find out as much information as possible. “Solve your doubts. When you ask for an estimate, do not leave any questions unanswered to avoid surprises in the future.”

With the new clinic, DrAW Dental Clinic will offer dental implants to Tijuana patients, replicating the clinic’s success in Mexico. “We’re a friendly team of dentists working together to ensure that you receive the best treatment that you require and can afford.”

Connect with the DrAW Dental Clinic team on social media to learn more about the clinic’s new location in Tijuana and more of its dental services.

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