Blue Atlas Expands ADA Website Accessibility Services

June 27 19:58 2022
Blue Atlas Expands ADA Website Accessibility Services
Digital marketing and website development company Blue Atlas is proud to expand its ADA website accessibility services to a broad range of clients.

Houston, TX – In a continued effort to meet and exceed the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Blue Atlas is working to further expand its ADA website accessibility services, providing businesses with the tools they need to ensure their website is comprehensively accessible. The company recognizes the importance for business owners to be able to effectively market to their clients of all abilities. To do that, they need to have the proper accessibility services to ensure the best long-term outcome.

Blue Atlas continues to remain a website accessibility leader by providing new and expanded services to better met the needs of their clients.

Educating and Supporting ADA Compliance

Blue Atlas set out to educate companies looking for digital marketing and website development tools about the importance of website accessibility. The ADA makes it clear that when there is an opportunity to improve overall access that it should be a priority.

Though some websites must be ADA compliant, it is a benefit for all to be as it affords companies with opportunities to tap into a broader range of customers. To do this, organizations need to have the proper tools that make it easier for those with a disability to navigate the website.

“When companies invest in website accessibility, they accomplish several things. First, they meet all ADA compliance requirements that may exist, which can change from one area to the next. That aside, many of our clients see a lot of outstanding benefits, including a drop in bounce rates, improved lead conversation, and even better revenue. The bottom line is there is a very important market for those who have disabilities, and companies that make it a point to ensure their website is accessible can take advantage of it. That’s why we are so proud to continue to expand our ADA website accessibility services even more so,” says Alana Wells, Programming Manager at Blue Atlas.

Comprehensive, Expanded Website Accessibility Services

To meet the needs of website owners in a wide range of industries, Blue Atlas has expanded the number and types of services it offers. They currently work with companies to make their websites Perceivable, Operable, Understandable, and Robust (POUR) for ADA Accessibility.

This includes making navigation easier, creating better product information, and enabling mobile optimization. In addition to this, they work with companies to improve search presence, providing all digital marketing services necessary to perform at their best. They also complete a full audit of company websites in an effort to pinpoint specific areas of concern. This allows organizations to learn about their gaps in website accessibility and concerns related to ADA compliance.

Blue Atlas also offers automatic adjustments for assistive technology and the implementation of a web interface that meets the needs of many people. This can include features like “Seizure Safe” and “Visually Impaired” features to reduce risk. Once the company implements these state-of-the-art and innovative solutions, they continue to work with clients to ensure the best possible outcome.

About Blue Atlas

Blue Atlas is a website accessibility, digital marketing, and web development company that has focused its efforts on delivering the very best in ADA compliant websites for its clients. It continues to work to innovate and provide solutions for companies that make it far easier for organizations to achieve their goals in reaching a larger audience of potential website visitors and customers.

To learn more about how Blue Atlas helps business owners to achieve better website accessibility, visit the company’s website at

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