Exploring New Horizons – Maureen Damery’s Newly Released Book Is an Essential Resource to Enhancing the Mind-Body Connection

June 27 20:23 2022

Boston, MA, USA – June 27, 2022 – Award-winning author and self-empowerment facilitator, Maureen Marie Damery has now released her latest book, Your Owner’s Manual for Life: Source Code of Your Soul, Creating You and Facilitating Your Life. The new book is a highly comprehensive guide for people to start a transformative personal journey and to accomplish more. It offers tools and techniques that the author herself has utilized over the course of her professional journey and her personal life as well.

In Your Owner’s Manual for Life, the author shares all the things she has learned on her journey towards discovering true joy and fulfillment in life, while also aspiring to discover her personal best. Offering highly adaptable tools and techniques for readers to enhance their mind-body connection and enter a state of heightened consciousness, the book also shares the inspiring teachings from other authors and speakers who have made an impact on Maureen’s life. By mastering the mind-body connection, people can set themselves up for success and be in control of the opportunities and experiences that life has to offer. Introducing readers to the ‘Source Code’, the book makes it easy and sustainable for people to unlock their true potential, achieve new milestones and start a journey towards becoming their best version in all fields of life.

Maureen Marie Damery is a leading expert in the field of integrative complementary medicine, an author and a facilitator of self-empowerment. However, that is not where her journey started. Having mastered the corporate world, she devoted her talents to the likes of the Microsoft Corporation for many years. In 2004, she left the corporate software technology arena and started learning about the healing arts so she could not only help herself, but also help others around her.

After doing a lot of research and learning, Maureen founded the BarnStone Healing Center in 2008. It was through this enterprise that she helped many people through private sessions, healing workshops and speaking engagements for empowerment and awareness. Maureen is highly proactive about introducing people to the latest developments in holistic medicine and healing arts. Maureen Marie Damery is available for interviews.

Your Owner’s Manual for Life: Source Code of Your Soul, Creating You and Facilitating Your Life is now available on Amazon.com.

Book Preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0794TXSJC

About Maureen Marie Damery: https://maureendamery.com

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