ECORIP Introduces Stylish Cold Storage Bags Made From Recycled Fibers of Used Plastic Bottles

June 27 18:33 2022
Up-cycle Japanese Brand Promotes Sustainability And Healthier Lifestyle Through Its Specially Developed Product

In recent decades, the world’s plastic waste crisis has become a profound concern, causing grave consequences to the environment, particularly the planet’s oceans. Thankfully, more and more companies are committing to contribute to global sustainability efforts, devising their own unique ways of reducing waste and producing eco-friendly alternatives for everyday needs.

ECORIP, an up-cycle brand of cold storage bags, is certainly doing its part. The Japanese brand has developed a product line of bags made from recycled PET bottle material. Using state-of-the-art technology, the company utilizes regenerated fibers from used plastic bottles to create its one-of-a-kind bags.

Dedicated to both sustainability and quality, the brand has also designed its products to possess multi-functional features. Its lightweight build makes it easy to carry and store. Unlike most cold storage bags that use an aluminum layer, ECORIP is made with an interior silver coating for enhanced temperature regulation. The outer surface on the other hand is water-repellant making it suitable for outdoor use and is also easy to wash.

According to the team at ECORIP, their product was designed putting in mind the health and wellness of users. Its temperature-retaining ability means that the bags can store fruits, snacks, cooked meals, and other food items while keeping their freshness for a prolonged period.

The team also highlights the need for people to stay hydrated, especially on a continuously warming planet. Their special products will keep drinks cool when jogging, working out or taking a walk.

The brand offers a wide variety of product types for storing different items. From bottle and cup holders to extra large tote bags that can carry multiple lunch packs, the ECORIP line has something for every activity that needs cold or warm storing and transport.

While functionality is certainly a highlight, the products also stand out for their fashionable look. Each ECORIP bag comes in a rich selection of colors while wearing a minimalist appearance. They have received multiple positive comments from customers regarding how well they blend into their getup, especially as they bought the product for town use.

Moreover, the bags intimately reflects the artistry of Japanese culture. This is apparent in some of its best-selling items such as the ​​ECORIP cold storage rice ball purse and the ECORIP cold origami pouch.

All products are made in Japan where the ECORIP team personally inspects the production of each bag until the final sewing. The brand has earned multiple positive reviews from customers and has even been featured in the Kon Mari Tokimeki Life online magazine.

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