Alessandro Piga The Best Italian Trader In Miami

June 27 15:58 2022
Alessandro Piga The Best Italian Trader In Miami

Italian introduced himself to the Latino community in Miami as one of the best traders Alessandro Piga, 30, born in the city of Pesaro, Italy, grew up in the culinary field of haute cuisine Chef parents.

At the age of 17, he leaves in search of a better future and moves to the city of Cancun where he puts into practice his traditions and Italian flavor, thus he managed to manifest his skills and legacy for three years with his father Fabrizio to improve the restaurant “due torri” in the city of Cancun.

Part of his dream was to succeed in the United States, he embarked on the journey at the age of 21, leaving aside the language barrier, he settled in the city of Miami where he trained as one of the best listed chefs in the city of Miami working in forte dei marmi and PORTOSOLE.

After the pandemic, a new adventure begins in the world of electronic commerce as a creator and developer of online stores and, in turn, with the help of friends, he embarks on the path in the stock market.

He positions himself as one of the best traders in the city achieving his dreams of driving a Lamborghini and buying his own house once again all the dreamers don’t give up and chase your dreams piga so with this phrase the young Italian Indira to the Latin community that they strive for their dreams that everything is possible.

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