DermaWave™ Named Most Effective Ultrasonic Device by Wellness Foundation USA

June 24 23:54 2022
DermaWave™ has been named the Most Effective Ultrasonic Cavitation Device by the highly respected Wellness Foundation USA. Wellness Foundation USA is the go-to leader in health and wellness product certification.
DermaWave™ was named the most effective ultrasonic cavitation device for home use, according to Wellness Foundation USA.

DermaWave™ was named the Most, Effective Ultrasonic Device by Wellness Foundation USA. This award is the latest in a series of awards that been given to DermaWave for their commitment to manufacturing quality ultrasonic and ems devices.

DermaWave is an ultrasonic cavitation machine that is approved for home use. Many DermaWave users have reported extremely fast results when using the device as directed.

DermaWave works by emitting high-power ultrasonic waves at 40khz. These waves target fat cells and essentially break them apart, while leaving other areas intact. It’s considered an effective solution for people who want to improve overall wellness.

“This is certainly a humbling moment for us” said Peter Moran, VP of Sales for DermaWave. “We know our device is effective, but to see so many people reporting their results, and then to be given this award is just something we’ve always dreamed of.”

DermaWave has been producing ultrasonic wellness devices since 2019, and has developed several iterations of their device, the latest being the most effective yet.

Doctors agree that ultrasonic cavitation devices work great!

“I rarely say this, but this is the real deal. It’s going to be the next best thing to sliced bread in cosmetic procedures,” said Dr. Jennifer Walden, a plastic surgeon at Lennox Hill Hospital in New York to Fox News.

DermaWave is inviting everyone to learn about the device that’s had many social media stars flocking to buy it ahead of the summer months. The DermaWave™ device is being heralded as the secret for the perfect summer shape, but the truth is that anyone can enjoy the results.

You can try DermaWave 100% risk-free for 3 days. The company is offering a 100% money-back results guarantee. Order DermaWave here:

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