The Story Of Alice Finding Her Way Back Home To One Of The Most Haunted Houses In America

June 24 16:28 2022

Documentary film release from famed cast member of ‘Ghost Hunters’ Steve Gonsalves, and filmmaker Kendall Whelpton.

Fort Mill, SC – June 24, 2022 – Robot Ninja Media presents, The House in Between: Part Two, a paranormal documentary feature film out now. Available on all major video-on-demand and streaming platforms, or anywhere movies are retailed.  The documentary is a follow-up of Alice Jackson’s startling paranormal experience, which has set off an instantaneous reaction causing Alice to flee her dream home. With the help of the world-renowned paranormal investigator Steve Gonsalves, who is making it his mission to assist Alice to confront her fears. The house that Alice dreamed of has become a living nightmare. Will Steve be the dreamcatcher to Alice’s agony, in pursuit of returning to her abode? 

“If we can get Alice Jackson to a point that she feels comfortable staying in the home overnight again, we have made real progress here”. ~ Gonsalves

The House in Between: Part Two is a continuation of Alice Jackson’s home filmed in an unbeknownst location in Mississippi. Alice is seeking a logical explanation for the distinct paranormal activity occupying her space.

The documentary is the product of a direct collaboration between Director Steve Gonsalves (star of the hit series Ghost Hunters) and Director Kendall Whelpton (Co-Owner of Robot Ninja Media) and Executive Producer/Editor Vera Whelpton (Co-Director The Sleepless Unrest). The crew set out to be the solution to Alice’s dilemma enlisting the help from experts and taking a three-pronged approach: blending pure science, paranormal techniques, and a richly emotional, poignant human story for the film.

The House in Between: Part One has been the object of glowing reviews. Directors Steve Gonsalves and Kendall Whelpton found themselves literally scratching the surface. Part One as described by Mr. Whelpton saysWe were just peeling backthe first layers of what’s going on at Alice Jacksons very unique A-Frame house”. Since the wrapping of part one, Alice’s home has continued to be investigated, researched, and documented by John Bullard and Brad Cooney, with a gathering of more evidence and experiences in the homefora Part Two. Whelpton continues to say “After the final stages of production on The House in Between part one, we knew that we were going toneed to do part two, because the paranormal activity continued to be captured. We also hoped to get scientists out to the house to provide rational answers for Alice, so she could claim back her home”.

The House in Between: Part Two is distributed by Gravitas Ventures, and the film is available on all streaming platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Video Prime, VUDU, Google Play, etc. The documentary’s running length is 102 minutes.

With much anticipation for the release of The House in Between: Part Two, the synopsis of this feature is as follows:

One of the most thorough paranormal investigations ever documented. Alice Jackson is a victim of a haunting and will not sleep in her home. Instead of selling her house, she turns the keys over to paranormal investigators and science for answers.

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