Candida Labs Celebrates the Ten-Year Anniversary of its CCWS Candida Cleanse

June 24 02:50 2022
With more than a hundred thousand successful cleanses completed, CCWS is the most powerful and effective candida cleanse on the market

Ten years ago, a safe, effective, and powerful cure for candida fungal infection was introduced by Candida Labs to the world. As the only clinically proven treatment for Candida infections, fungal overgrowth, and candidiasis, CCWS (Candida Cell Wall Suppressor) Candida Cleanser has been changing the lives of thousands of people suffering from pervasive and opportunistic fungal infections.

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved over the last ten years, helping over a hundred thousand people on their healing journeys, we want to thank all the people who have been part of our candida cleanser community, sharing their journeys with us, and celebrating their successes. We look forward to the next ten years as we build on our range of exciting and innovative gut health supplements, and expand our practitioner network,” said Clare Davidson, the Founder and CEO of Candida Labs.

This revolutionary lufenuron-based treatment protocol works by preventing the Candida fungus from producing its hard protective chitin cellular shell. By working with the immune system, the CCWS Candida Cleanser helps destroy and eliminate the candida fungus from the body. Not only does it seek to improve the elimination of fungal growth from the body, but it also aims to restore a person’s mental focus and energy level, offering respite from the discomfort and side effects of Candida infections.

Recognizing that mainstream medicine can often be dismissive of candida symptoms and that people can struggle to get a diagnosis, Candida Labs works hard with alternative practitioners to provide an easily available solution, which does not involve the candida diet.

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Founded in 2012, Candida Labs is a mission-driven organization dedicated to helping people get Candida-free and providing natural solutions for parasites, SIBO, SIFO leaky gut, and other gut health problems.

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