“Lasseters Legacy” by Author and Explorer Steven Elliot is Out Now

June 23 00:52 2022

Steven Elliott has become an author with his latest book, “Lasseters Legacy.” An excellent work of fiction, the book documents the popular Lasseter legend well known in Australia. The writer bases his book on the well-known tale to give readers ample material to ponder over. The work made it to the shelves on October 29, 2020.

“Lasseters Legacy,” tells the story of a man named Harrold Lasseter. While journeying across the desert from Alice Springs to the West Coast in 1900, he reportedly discovered a fabulous reef of gold. For years, the reef remained untouched until later in the 1930s, when Lasseter set off on an expedition to rediscover the fabulous reef, which eventually led to his death and the disappearance of the reef. 

“Since that time, many people have ventured into the desert in search of the reef with no success. This book details a geologist’s quest for the reef and his fabulous gold find which, become embroiled in criminal conspiracy and action. Of course, the hero geologist triumphs and a World-class series of gold mines are established”, says a spokesperson.

Steve Elliot is an exploration geologist with over forty years’ experience exploring Australia, the United States of America, Canada, Malaysia, Brazil, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand and Madagascar. Steve is an inveterate reader consuming on average two or three books weekly, including fiction, thrillers, science, biography and history.

In addition to reading, Steve is also a prolific writer and has self-published four books, “Desert Dreaming”, “Lasseters Legacy”,and “Really?!”. Steve lives in Perth, Western Australia, with his wife, Sally, and his new puppy, Iris.

Steve loves the ‘bush’, as it is known in Australia, particularly the desert regions, and goes out to camp in said bush at any opportunity, both to observe the bush and its denizens and to prospect. Steve’s family has a long association with Australia and are proud of their lineage, even the convict forebears! Steve hopes that you will enjoy this work and makes no apologies for making the hero of the story a geologist, of which Steve is one.

For more information, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/Lasseters-Legacy-Steven-Elliott/dp/1504322975

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