With so many Doomsday predictions, author William C. Edmondson takes readers to the holy scriptures to find out God’s real message in “God’s End-Time Puzzle”

June 23 03:38 2022
In the wake of global calamities and wars, people try to predict again and again the exact day of the end. Author William C. Edmondson weighs in on this topic – bringing a wonderful picture of hope as he pieces the puzzle together regarding all the questions people have.

While the Book of Revelation helps people see the spiritual realities hidden behind the material world, author William C. Edmondson brings a hopeful aspiration and dives into the importance of seeking God’s guidance and reading the scriptures in his masterful book “God’s End-Time Puzzle: Letting Scripture Speak for Itself.”

Many Christians may lose sight of history when caught up in the tedious tasks and occurrences, especially in light of rattling quakes and wars across the globe, but Edmondson attempts to piece the puzzle, so they get to understand the book of Revelation, the only apocalyptic book in the New Testament canon. 

The Book of Revelation is the last book of the New Testament and, accordingly, the last book of the Christian Bible. The title is obtained from the first word of the Koine Greek text: apokalypsis, which means “unveiling.” The Bible writes that after everything is destroyed, God is coming down to create a new Heaven and a New Earth (Revelation 21:1).

Edmondson says he wants readers to know that all the queries to all of their questions about the end of the world are found hidden in the Bible, not what someone thinks it is.  

Questions like why people are here on Earth, the point of their lives, or whether there is a life after the end of time are all answered by God’s message alone, explains Edmondson, and it’s timely and relevant to study and read the scriptures and listen to the message of God. 

Through “God’s End-Time Puzzle,” readers can also better understand the event bringing on the Great Tribulation, a time mentioned by Jesus in the Olivet Discourse as a signal that would happen in the time of the end. These are only some of the many topics covered in “God’s End-Time Puzzle: Letting Scripture Speak for Itself.” 

After reading Hal Lindsay’s book, The Late Great Planet Earth, author William Edmondson started to become interested in end-time theology.  

After which, the acclaimed author bought different books expressing varying opinions regarding the end-time. He realized there were no clear answers to his questions, so he set aside every idea and turned to the Holy Scriptures to find the truth. 

Afterward, he found the Scriptures alone and revealed the answers to all of his questions. The result of the years of his study is in the book “God’s End-Time Puzzle.” The book brings hope as it unveils a clear direction for everyone. 

Those who want to grab a copy of “God’s End-Time Puzzle: Letting Scripture Speak for Itself” may purchase it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Book Depository

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