Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Bed Bug Treatments for Raleigh Homeowners

June 22 08:05 2022
Sustainable Pest Systems Provides Bed Bug Treatments for Raleigh Homeowners

The prevalence of bed bug infestations has been on the rise in recent years. In part, this trend can be traced back to the banning of dangerous chemicals that were effective at bed bug control but also destroyed ecosystems and posed dangers to human health. The good news is that Raleigh, North Carolina homeowners can now take advantage of natural pest control services that can get rid of bed bugs for good without causing any collateral damage.

Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Extermination

The best way to get rid of bed bugs isn’t to spray the house with chemical treatments that could expose family members and pets to dangerous compounds. It’s to enlist the help of an exterminator who understands the value of natural bed bug treatments.

The most eco-friendly form of bed bug extermination is heat treatment. This form of extermination requires specialty equipment, so don’t try it at home. Bed bug eggs and adults will only die if they are exposed to temperatures of 118 degrees Fahrenheit for longer than 20 minutes. Those kinds of temperatures can also damage belongings if people aren’t careful.

Bed Bug Inspection Services

It’s always best to start treating a bed bug infestation as early on as possible. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine whether there really are bed bugs in the house. Most people only start to notice them when these pests become so numerous that nightly bites become commonplace and there are spots on the sheets. There’s no need to wait so long, though. Instead, consider the following warning signs of impending bed bug infestations and call to schedule a bed bug inspection as soon as they occur.

  • Itchy bites that are often gathered in sets of three

  • Small blood stains on the sheets

  • Unpleasant, musty odors in bedrooms and other frequented areas

  • Fecal marks on sheets and furniture

  • Shed shell casings left on the sheets or furniture

  • Bed bug eggs loosely stuck to surfaces

  • Live bed bugs hiding in cracks or crevices during the day

Raleigh, NC homeowners shouldn’t wait any longer to call for help if they notice one or more of these signs. They indicate that bed bugs are already starting to multiply in the home. Reaching out to schedule a professional inspection is the first step towards reclaiming space from bed bugs and returning to getting a good night’s sleep

Bed Bugs Are Everywhere

Some families are embarrassed to admit that they are dealing with bed bug infestations. The problem is that there’s a common misconception about these pests that they only infest dirty or unkempt homes. In fact, bed bugs are everywhere and even the cleanest house is not exempt from their damage. Don’t be embarrassed. No matter how bad the infestation is, the experts at Sustainable Pest Systems have seen it before.

Sustainable Pest Systems Can Help

Homeowners dealing with bed bug infestations don’t have to go it alone. Sustainable Pest Systems is here to help families throughout the Raleigh area get rid of bed bug infestations for good. They even offer a bed bug warranty, so don’t hesitate to contact them today.

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