Jubi Plays: Passionate About Gaming Video Creation and Live Streaming

June 22 02:48 2022

Connected with the PUBG Mobile community for more than three years, Jubi Plays is a gamers’ hub, with the purpose to put people in touch with other gamers.

The world of gaming isn’t just about playing a game and having fun; in the broader context, the world of online gaming is basically about community. The virtual communities provided by online gaming platforms have been a source of vital connection for many individuals. With the rise of virtual platforms like Facebook, more and more people are connected that might not have otherwise been able to, and an increase in the online gaming community consequently. Chat rooms, IRC, and online gaming groups are great examples of community formation. One such online platform that aims to unite individuals looking for connectivity and who are passionate about gaming is Jubi Plays.

Facebook Gaming is an online platform for gamers, with the primary goal to put people in touch with other gamers who share their interests. It not only allows for the formation of valuable friendships and memories but also facilitates quality communication with the participants. Jubi Play founded by Jubayer Rahman who live in Bangladesh. Completed B.Sc. in EEE and as a profession he is a system engineer and SEO specialist, with his undying passion for gaming, turned it into his profession and connected with the PUBG mobile community in Bangladesh 3 years ago. Jubayer Rahman’s live streams on Facebook and YouTube began in 2021, when a community of gamers formed, putting Rahman as a gaming content creator and an influencer.

The vision behind Jubi Play is not only to provide a platform to gamers but also to enable them to earn through live streams. YouTube and Facebook streams don’t yield many monetary benefits to streamers. Hence, Facebook Gaming Video Creator makes this dream come true. Given that e-sports is a common word among people in Bangladesh, Facebook gaming video creators offered a partnership program for gamers who are enthusiastic about Facebook live streaming. Other companies that pitched in with partnerships for the streamers include MainGames, which offered Creator Service Providers (CPS).

Facebook is an excellent tool for Bangladeshi Live Streamers to grow their platform. With countless partnership deals on the go, they make the dreams of gamers come true. Individuals get paid depending on their reach which depends on the number of hours watched and other requirements. Gaming streamers can earn up to $500 to $5000 depending on the growth of their streams.

Jubi Plays opens up individuals to vast opportunities as the entirety of the community is based upon enthusiasm for gaming, and it is this enthusiasm that helps Jubi Play bring delight to all members of its community. As the world becomes increasingly virtual and always online, it is crucial to realize the sense of communal belonging that keeps it going. That’s what Jubi Play stands for, community and friendship.

Website: https://jubiplays.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JubiPlaysCom/

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