A Must-Read Harrowing Psychological Thriller in 2022 – a girl with five ties by Dr. NN

June 21 00:59 2022

Dr. NN, author and engineering professor, recently announced the release of her harrowing psychological thriller, a girl with five ties. This chilling novel dissects the slow unraveling of a brilliant mind set against the seemingly innocuous backdrop of an ordinary university.

Whether it’s Joel, Chuck… Why can’t I just get over it? Because it feels good to have them. I feel good that they need me.

In a girl with five ties, a PhD student named Chloe struggles to survive the cutthroat environment cultivated by her tyrannical supervisor Dr. Rein, who forces his researchers to work under grueling conditions. The toll of the long hours, mind games, and threats to her graduation drives Chloe into a mental health crisis that manifests as a severe eating disorder. She finds solace in the many men who surround her, forming a complex network of lovers who hold her like a comforting web. But as Chloe jumps from lover and lover, she wonders if the secret to her health lies in the arms of the right man, within herself, or perhaps in a place she has yet to discover.

At times visceral and raw, a girl with five ties is honest about the pressures that many young people face while searching for belonging in the wider world. There are many books that unpack the experience of living with an eating disorder but few occur within the complicated, and too frequently toxic, confines of higher education.

Reviewers praise the author’s ability to handle such sensitive subjects, describing Dr. NN’s work as a “powerful story for anyone contemplating graduate school.” Although adult fans of thrillers and darker coming-of-age stories will enjoy a girl with five ties, this unique novel will especially resonate with readers who understand the intricacies of academia. The author hopes that this firsthand glimpse will encourage people in Chloe’s situation to ask for help instead of trying to break a spiral alone.

Dr. NN’s breakthrough work, a girl with five ties,is available for purchase on Amazon.com or wherever books are sold.

Dr. NN is an author, poet, and assistant professor of engineering. She draws heavily upon her own experiences in her work, intertwining fiction with memory in works such as a girl with five ties. She believes that fiction can be key to challenging the harmful aspects of academia and building a more sustainable, healthier pathway to higher education.

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