LBDAO “Medal of Freedom” of Balancer ecology launched online

June 16 17:13 2022

According to the official news,LBDAO “Medal of Freedom” of Balancer ecology will be launched on June 16, 2022.

In the traditional division of labor in society, workers are often subject to the work environment is not autonomous, work status is oppressed, work time is not free and work results are deprived of unfair treatment, LBDAO way of working, completely shattered this unfairness, in the construction of the bottom and the source to eliminate all unfair factors. In a completely decentralized self-organization, LBDAO holds the ultimate principle of “rules on the chain, incentive transparency; decentralized governance, shared banking; task crowdfunding, freedom of entry and exit”.

It is reported that LBDAO’s “Medal of Freedom” balancer ecology takes the liberation of workers as the original point, through the code written and automatically executed smart contracts, allowing free workers to provide contributions and complete tasks to obtain the activation and incentive of the medal. It will be a completely voluntary, highly autonomous and open practical orientation, and the parameters of the “Genesis Medal” will automatically meet the mobility of the entire LBDAO. fully exploited.

LBDAO will bring a refreshing change in both experience and revenue, and will bring epoch-making wealth appreciation opportunities to all community users! Undoubtedly, the biggest value of blockchain is based on decentralized trust mechanism. LBDAO builds the credit system of the future sharing economy and realizes a new decentralized value transfer model, allowing medallion holders to fully share the value dividends of LBDAO ecology and enjoy the multiple repetitive benefits brought by it. With the launch of the “Freedom Medal” balancer ecology, LBDAO will usher in a big explosion of applications!

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