Primary Wisdom is an inspirational and must read coming-of-age book released in 2022 by pilot Thomas Kolp

June 16 16:36 2022

Author and naval aviator Thomas Kolp recently released his debut novel, Primary Wisdom, a deeply emotional story that draws upon his own experiences as a flight student. Contrasting the challenges of U.S. Navy Primary Flight Training with the tolls of personal life, Kolp leads the reader through the harrowing early career of a military pilot-in-training.

Embrace the struggle, for through it, we come to know ourselves.

In Primary Wisdom, Navy Ensign Tom Rudd wants to be a good pilot, a solid officer, and a quality companion to a lovely yet challenging woman — but we don’t always get what we want. While in the midst of a grueling Navy flight program, Rudd learns that staying airborne is about more than just his actions in the cockpit. Thanks to the help of his friends and fellow pilots, Rudd embraces his tenacious side and discovers that no one succeeds without a few failures along the way.

Fans of Top Gun and Carry On, Mr. Bowditch will appreciate this insider look into the life of a naval pilot. Although Kolp delves into some specifics of flight training, Primary Wisdom is an intensely gripping and entertaining story about navigating life and finding belonging at and well below 50,000 feet.

Reviewers classify Primary Wisdom as essential reading for high schoolers and all adults alike, describing Kolp’s work as “a perfect balance of humor and seriousness.” With themes of overcoming adversity and the strength of friendship, Primary Wisdom is a much-needed reminder of how we can persevere through even the most difficult of trials.

Primary Wisdom is available for purchase on, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books and select bookstores.

Thomas Kolp is the author of Primary Wisdom and a former U.S. Navy pilot. After leaving the military, he transitioned into commercial aviation. When he isn’t writing, Kolp enjoys being active in his community and spending time with his wife, Jill Marie, as well as their three children and two dogs. He lives and writes in Carmel, Indiana.

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