One of the best regency romance novels in 2022 is Margins of Love by Sara Adrien: A masterful combination of historical romance with Jewish fiction

June 16 16:34 2022

The only Jews in a small town, where nobody could know their secret. If anyone found out, her family’s business might be in danger – and where else would they go?

This is Sara Adrien’s true story but she’s packaging her personal experiences, legal scholarship, and a major in Jewish fiction into a series of clandestine Jews among Britain’s gentile aristocracy in Regency London.

The new bestselling voice in Regency Romance and Jewish Fiction, Sara Adrien is excited to announce the release of Margins of Love: Infiltrating the TonBook 1, the first love story of its kind featuring Jewish heroes. This book kicks off the trilogy and highlights the unique experiences of minorities and the challenges they may have faced in pursuit of love. Set in Georgian England, Adrien’s novels are love stories and as current now as ever.

Margins of Love follows the life of Rachel Newman as she makes her debut in 1813 London as a clandestine Jew among the British gentile aristocracy. Just before the start of the season, she meets Fave Pearler at a country house party thrown by the town’s most notorious gossip, a woman who’s secretly been blackmailing the Pearler family. Fearing that her father’s choice of a suitor will outweigh her own desires, Rachel takes her chances with the handsome Fave, the off-limits haute-couture jeweler facing an arranged marriage of his own. But when their unscrupulous host catches Rachel and Fave kissing, both are forced to choose between their love for each other and their loyalty to family and tradition amidst secrets that could jeopardize their families’ livelihoods.

But it doesn’t stop there. Set in times when social divisions by class were still commonplace, the Pearler family is trying to climb the ranks of Britain’s aristocracy by trying to win the highly sought after competition for the crown jewels, a page-turning theme that stays with us throughout the entire Infiltrating the Ton trilogy. The competition for the crown jewels culminates with the glamorous winter ball that will leave readers gasping for more of Adrien’s books.

Fans of Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Tessa Dare will appreciate the tension, romance, and drama of Margins of Love, including the masterful way Adrien weaves themes of Jewish identity into the plot. In this first book of the series, Adrien features the themes of fighting for love when family loyalty and existential threats loom for charming characters that reminds readers of Saul Bellow and Stephanie Zweig. Reviewers describe this first novel in the Infiltrating the Ton series as an “exquisite page-turner” and “a remarkable debut.” Readers praise Adrien’s “vivid depictions of how complex love stories could have been in the previous centuries” and cherish the geopolitical currentness and depth of her books.

Adrien is the first author to bring the regency romance genre together with Jewish fiction, a feat nobody else has accomplished before her with quite as much flair and elegance. She masterfully balances issues of anti-semitism that have been ingrained in society–even before the Holocaust–with struggles for identiy and career success, which inspire the fascinating backdrop of her stories. She hopes that her work will encourage Jews and other minorities around the world to stay true to their identities as they live and love. In the next books, she will feature characters of various other ethnic groups that are also often overlooked in regency romance. “There are invaluable lessons to be learned from any culture and any period,” Adrien said in a recent interview, “and I hope that the strengths of my characters will empower my readers.” During a time of continued adversity and anti-Semitism, Margins of Love is an inclusive, diverse novel that captures the indomitable spirit of minorities that are still lingering today.

The much anticipated bestseller Margins of Love: Infiltrating the Ton Book 1 is available for purchase on or wherever books are sold. Book 2, The Pearl of All Brides, is scheduled to be released this summer and Book 3, A Kiss After Tea, before the end of the year. Adrien promises her fans a prequel early next year.

Sara Adrien writes hot and heart-melting regency romance with a Jewish twist. She is a prolific legal scholar and professor by day and author of the Infiltrating the Ton and Diamond Dynasty series by night. These days, Adrien is homeschooling her sons with the help of her beloved parents and husband in their multi-generational Boston home. Sign up for her VIP newsletter to be the first to book her for podcasts, interviews, or readings and hear about new releases, audiobooks, sales, and bonus content at


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