CIS Announces Program for Non-Citizens to Visit Children or Grandchildren

June 14 13:28 2022

Canadian Immigration Services (CIS) is delighted to inform the public about a government-sponsored program that facilitates family reunification in Canada. Targeted at foreign nationals with visitation challenges, the “Super Visa” provides multiple entries with a ten-year validity, for individual stays of up to 2 years. That way, parents and grandparents aren’t subjected to daunting re-entry processes.

Under this program, eligible visitors can visit their Canadian-based hosts without renewing visas or travel permits every time. The Super Visa also greases the wheels of immigration as the Canadian government need not expend resources on processing applications for frequent visits. According to Canadian Immigration Services (CIS), the eligibility criteria include:

  • Documentation of parentage or grandparent age to a Canadian permanent resident or citizen.
  • Possessing Canadian medical insurance with a minimum validity of one year.
  • An agreement that secures the visitor’s financial welfare during the stay. The applicant’s child or grandchild provides this support, and thus, must meet the basic income requirement.
  • The absence of criminal or other questionable grounds for inadmissibility to Canada.
  • Completing an Immigration Medical Exam, amidst other prerequisites.

Eligible applicants are subsequently evaluated to verify their admissibility. The willingness to leave Canada as and when needed, and to comply with other immigration regulations, are crucial components of the eligibility evaluation process. Other considerable factors are:

  • Travel intent
  • Relationship to one’s country of origin or residency
  • Invitation from the offspring
  • Native country’s general stability
  • Circumstances surrounding the host’s finances and family

While each Super Visa application is expected to go through a series of examinations at the discretion of immigration officers, the overall process is quite simple. Canadian Immigration Services recommends that interested visitors schedule free consultations to discuss the eligibility of their case and identify the ideal course of action. Applicants can then submit their application forms with supporting documents.

Canadian Immigration Services guarantees that the information supplied is strictly confidential and that clients will receive the highest levels of personalized attention, guidance, and assistance.A spokesperson for the agency stated the following in a brief, “Canadian Immigration Services is committed to building long-term relationships with applicants through a tailored approach, professional, and friendly service.

“No one wants to go through the hurdles of applying for temporary visas every time they visit their loved ones in Canada. That’s why we put forward the best possible strategies for each Super Visa application, to expedite processing and ensure that every client’s needs are fully addressed.” Parents and grandparents can apply by visiting the agency’s official website and downloading the online application form.

About Canadian Immigration Services (CIS)

Canadian Immigration Services is a licensed immigration consultancy service that assists immigrants in their quest to live, work, and study in Canada. The agency comprises a team of fully licensed consultants, backed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. These professionals simplify the immigration process by completing and submitting the necessary paperwork on behalf of their clients. CIS also review all documents tendered and assess the viability of each case.

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