Bonoch launches innovative smart baby and toddler nursery products to help new parents better work-life balance

June 14 14:22 2022
bonoch is helping parents develop better bedtime routines for their kids with the advanced Baby Monitor and OK-to-Wake Clock, bringing balance and freedom back into their lives.

Taking care of your child is important but so is taking care of yourself, especially as a new parent. Unfortunately, grandma or the sitter isn’t always available to watch the kid so you can take care of everything else life throws at you. But now with bonoch’s intelligently designed Baby Monitor and OK-to-Wake Clock, there’s no need to give up your family or career. With bonoch’s uniquely designed features, you can regain balance in your life while focusing on your child and career.

bonoch products have received over 4.5-star ratings out of 5 on Amazon.

The bonoch Baby Monitor was designed with smart technologies while remaining user-friendly for the parents. No app downloading, Wi-Fi or account creation is required to use the Baby Monitor, it can utilize a secure closed-loop system to stream video to the included a large 5-inch 720p color HD screen for peace of mind. It’s 100% private, ensuring a secure latency-free video that only you can see and no one else can hack in.

“Our Baby Monitor assures comprehensive coverage of the whole room so that you have complete visibility of every corner of your child’s nursery. The monitor is fitted with an advanced camera lens that pans around 355 degrees to cover every nook and cranny of the space- it also tilts at 120 degrees to have a clear view from ceiling to floor. Our Baby Monitor has been designed to ensure peace of mind for every parent out there, especially when they cannot be with their child in the same room physically.”

Top features and benefits of bonoch Baby Monitor:

1. No need for an app or Wi-Fi

2. Clear night vision

3. 720p resolution with 5” display screen

4. Monitor temperature of the nursery in real-time

5. 1000ft range-coverage of the nursery

6. 4x zoom view

7. Voice-activated alert (VOX mode)

8. 22-hour battery life (with VOX mode ON)

9. Two-way audio intercom

10. Multi-camera support (Up to 4 cameras)

The bonoch Baby Monitor has received rave reviews.

I purchased the monitor for my daughter. After reading reviews on six monitors, this monitor came out on top. As you can see, the night vision is top-notch!! She loves everything about the monitor, even the design. So glad I decided to go with bonoch…very happy customer!” Ebiere Ayisat

The screen size is awesome. We absolutely love this camera and monitor. Controls are simple to use, picture and sound is great. Able to move the camera to many angles. We are looking forward to purchasing a third camera to use when we have our next child and will use the scan feature to be able to watch both together. Highly Recommend!” Wendell Cartwright

Akin to the Baby Monitor, the OK-to-Wake Clock stands out and offers parents an opportunity to create scheduled programs to help train their toddler when it’s time to sleep and time to wake up.

The OK-to-Wake Clock is designed to be the ultimate toddler-friendly sleeping environment. With features such as the Healthy Sleep Routine program, you can help your toddler develop healthy sleep patterns by creating a scheduled program with customizable lights and sounds for when it’s time to sleep and wake up. The machine comes with as many as 25 high-fidelity soothing sounds and gentle light to calm babies and help them sleep faster. Adults can also use the light for sound and peaceful sleep throughout the night.

Added to the 25 sounds, the advanced night lamp carries eight sleep sounds, including white noise, lullaby, fan, wind chime, radio, meditation, and more. Besides, there are ten natural sounds for a relaxing effect. Much to the delight of kids, the bonoch lamp also comes with seven fun animal sounds.

“It can be quite a task to get your child to sleep, especially when your little one is a toddler. Parents have a hard time managing through the day when their little munchkin is weary and fussy all day. This is where our cutting-edge OK-to-Wake Clock comes to the rescue. It is intelligently fitted with relaxing light and sleep-aid sounds that will help your baby fall asleep fast and help establish a healthy sleep routine,” stated the leading spokesperson from bonoch.

Top features and benefits of bonoch OK-to-Wake Clock:

1. Healthy Sleep Routine Programming

2. 25 High fidelity sleep-aid sounds of soothing fussy babies and assuring easier bedtime

3. Smart voice control, compatible with Alexa

4. Customizable RGB colored lights

5. Comes with toddler lock

The bonoch OK-to-Wake Clock has been lauded with a line of great reviews from happy users.

An absolute must-buy for anyone with kids. This sound machine with a nightlight is a life saver!! Our 3-year-old son often woke at 5 and got up every 30 minutes after that. To change his nap schedule, we started with the bonoch sleep trainer program. After just a few days its already worked!! We picked his favorite purple color as sleeping light with the white noise sleep sound and we set the wake-up color to blue with the cute bird noise. And he really sleeps tight the whole night! Woke up till the beautiful blue light comes up with the glorious birds singing their sweet song. I really like the app which is intuitive and easy to use! When our son has slept and woke up in the middle of the night, I can easily turn on the white noise mode with the app without walking into the room. Almost everything can be done with the app. Super convenient. Really pleased with this purchase and think that the light really makes our life easier.” – Flora D.

We were looking for a white noise machine with a night light to help improve our son’s sleep. We had a similar product from a friend, but we sometimes feel it’s too loud and too bright during the night, so we ordered it. It’s made with good quality and comes with a powerful app. The app is especially powerful, where you can not only select the sound to play and the color of your light, but you can also fine-tune the volume and light intensity to make it best suitable for you. We all enjoyed using this product.” Clark Gutkowski

bonoch understands taking care of your loved ones is important, but so is taking care of yourself. The Baby Monitor and OK-to-Wake Clock allow you to reclaim your mornings, lead a balanced work-life, and get a good night’s rest with its smart technologies. bonoch baby gadgets are essential for all new parents who want to stay connected with their kids while enjoying a happy and cozy life. 

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