The Texas Fishing Apparel That is Built For Adventure & Made to Perform

June 14 01:56 2022
Reel Sportswear is a brand whose products demonstrate a bias for simplicity and utility while celebrating the spirit of Texas at the same time.

Much ado has been made about the Texas culture and its massive influence on the way Americans are perceived around the world. In addition to being generally conservative, Texans are famous for their confident claim that literally everything is bigger and better in Texas. Of course, one can’t dismiss the average Texan’s love of the outdoors and adventure. This is one reason why fishing and the cowboy lifestyle is so prevalent in Texas. Several brands have attempted to capture the real Texan essence with almost no success. But one brand that is successfully doing that is Reel Sportswear.

Reel Sportswear is a fishing clothing brand built to withstand the rigors of outdoor life that Texans love. It grew out of a small company that started out making quality shirts for local fishermen. Since then, Reel Sportswear has consistently produced fishing apparel and clothing that fits the “all or nothing” Texan lifestyle while paying homage to the spirit that defines the culture.

The family-owned brand is serious about its commitment to build the best product. This can be seen in the quality of its clothing which has been optimized for comfort, flexibility, breathability, UPF 50+ sun protection, and protection from the elements. What’s more, only fishing apparels that pass its compulsory ultimate performance test are released to the market. So consumers can feel confident knowing they are using the best products that money can buy.

Reel Sportswear also features a wide variety of designs and colors that are guaranteed to completely enhance one’s entire fishing experience. Some of the available products in its extensive lineup include hats, graphic tees, shorts, pants, t-shirts, face masks, beanies, leggings, hoodies, accessories, among others. These fishing apparels are further divided into the men and women categories to ensure that there is something for everyone.

In addition to building the best products, Reel Sportswear is also committed to promoting the conservation of marine resources. In line with this, the brand is spearheading the Clean Tides™ project which challenges all anglers and fishing enthusiasts in the Coastal Bend to practice the “Leave No Trace” principles on their next adventure. This principle aims to eliminate outdoor littering that degrades the environment, ruining the experience for all. 

Reel Sportswear further desires to use its business to inspire and influence families, friends and its community. As a result, it has released a successful short film series on YouTube which documents the lives of local fishermen and their accomplishments. 

Next year, Reel Sportswear will reach its 10-year anniversary since it began business. The fact that one family was able to overcome its lack of knowledge in the fashion industry to sell shirts with just $1,000 as capital is a testament to the American dream and the grit that Texas is renowned for. 

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