From Financial Greeks, to Financial Europeans: the story of Chris and Ioanna, award winning entrepreneurs that believe financial freedom is the key.

June 14 01:50 2022

Chris and Ioanna started their entrepreneurial journey back in their early 20s and they were always trying stir the waters and adopt change. Today, after successfully operating 8 online companies (including a consulting agency, 2 digital agencies and 5 e shops), they are here to tell the story of their latest adventure and give people an optimistic view about a possible career in influencing, social media and content creation. Besides, as they always declare themselves, financial sustainability means freedom and freedom is the ultimate goal.

‘’Growing up in those turbulent years, someone could easily say that our generation, is a lost generation,’’ says Chris to begin with, ‘’ but hard times, create smart and effective people” he adds, and this is the reason, that Chris and Ioanna, will tell their story of success here today. 

A success that begun with 3 small YouTube channels, transformed into the biggest financial community in Greece and now scaled to a European Level, helping hundreds of financial projects and platforms enter the European Market with success.

The first question that cross peoples mind hearing all these has to be about the way that someone follows to create the biggest financial community in Europe.

A look at their website, and their numbers show exactly how. 

This community of 350+ financial and not only creators did not just magically come together. 

“What we can see, is months of hard work and long office days” says Ioanna who adds “yet, we are so hyped and we loooove what we do, that this is only the beginning.‘’ 

Both Chris and Ioanna say that they are still at the start of their journey. “Our ultimate goal is to let people know that in the era of internet, financial independence can be achieved and there are lot of different paths one can choose to get there! It is not easy, but it is totally worth it.”

Only in the last year and a half, they managed to achieve for them and their partners almost 80 million views per year on YouTube, 8 million subscribers and all these, working with over 150 financial creators around Europe and over 200 non-financial creators on YouTube and TikTok. 

“Our main goal, is to help creators find sponsors, so that they can create more FREE financial content for their subscribers, helping their sponsors along the way and helping the community grow more financially savvy!”

‘’We can really create an influencer or content creator from zero,’’ says Chris laughing, ‘’as we can take care of their content, their sponsors, their Social Media management, their whole image.’’ 

“Both Ioanna and I are entrepreneurs, we have our own businesses in retail, e-commerce and consulting for a long time now and we know how YouTube can be monetized so is a win-win for the community and for the financial platforms that want to be advertised.”

Their moto is that they strongly believe that everyone can be free. Free to do whatever makes them happy. In addition, they also believe that freedom can be easier achieved when people are financially independent, and that’s exactly what they are trying to achieve here.” 

In the following links, there are the YouTube channels of Chris and Ioanna, for anyone that wants to take a look there: 

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