How to Protect a Home from Being Burgled

June 14 01:44 2022
How to Protect a Home from Being Burgled
Ultimate Alarms is one of the best-rated security companies in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. The company recently shared tips to help homeowners protect their properties from being burgled.

Glasgow – June 13, 2022 – Ultimate Alarms, one of the best-rated alarm companies in Glasgow, shared tips to help homeowners protect their homes from being burgled. The team noted that there is no sure way to guarantee that a property is free from danger, but integrating the required preventive measures is the best course of action. A home that looks well-protected is better than one that’s not.

Monitored alarm systems are ideal burglary prevention measures. The incredible devices help homeowners monitor their homes from the comfort of their mobile phones, laptops, or desktops. The systems are also linked to an alarm receiving center that responds within the shortest time possible in case of a trigger.

The team encouraged homeowners to invest in smart CCTV systems available at the company. CCTV systems can be a great deterrent to criminals and allow homeowners to monitor everything happening around their properties. The specialists can combine CCTV with the monitored alarm systems for optimal security.

Besides having good home security systems, homeowners should also invest in good security lighting. A well-lit compound allows a home to be visible to passersby and neighbors, making it difficult for criminals to break in. Also, intruders never want bright light as it can expose their identity.

Burglars always look for easy targets, and an unlocked door or window is just that. Even when there’s someone at home, it’s essential to keep them locked. The team encouraged homeowners to double-check their doors and windows to ensure they are all secured when leaving the house. They can also invest in sensors to track their entryways and smart locks scheduled to lock automatically at specific times.

Televisions and radios can also help protect a home against burglary. Most intruders cannot target a home if they hear a radio or TV, as it shows someone is at home. The company offers some gadgets that maintain the changing lights of a TV being left on without consuming a huge amount of electricity.

Homeowners should also be smart about their hide-a-key. Intruders are familiar with the most common places, such as keys under the doormat or flowerpot. If they must have a spare key, it’s vital to look for safer alternatives, like a concealed combination lockbox.

Having a car in the driveway is one of the ways to make it look like someone is home. A burglar will think twice before getting into a house with a car parked outside. However, homeowners should remove the keys when leaving a vehicle on the driveway.

In addition, having a canine companion is an effective way to prevent a home from being burgled. An intruder cannot take a risk when there’s a barking dog as it notifies the homeowner.

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