Dr. Tia Murry Positions Global Leaders to FLY HIGH!

June 13 14:49 2022

Dr. Tia Murry is a trailblazing trendsetter, Motivational Speaker, Professional Certified Mindset Coach, 2x- Best Selling Author and Business Flight Plan Strategist. As the Founder & CEO of FLI, LLC- She takes great joy in positioning and recognizing outstanding thought-leaders who FLY HIGH!

5 Highly influential leaders who are crushing the status quo, impacting lives around the globe, and winning in business are: Dr. Jason Banister, Dr. Dionne Greaves, Dr. Naike Moshi, Dr. Genique Crowder, and Dr. Sunshine Silas.

Dr. Tia is thrilled to congratulate, honor, and acknowledge these powerhouses for their outstanding Doctoral achievements and impacts in the world- from Barbados to Africa and the USA too.

Meet the Powerhouses who will undoubtedly pave the future around the globe.

Dr. Jason Banister – Veteran Owner/Operator for 6th Avenue Honda which strives to be the dealership of choice. Dr. Jason is also the President/Founder of The Mary Banister Foundation, Inc. which is committed to servicing the needs of the community.

Dr. Dionne Greaves – Founder & CEO of Mompreneur CEO is a global empowerment speaker, executive producer & TV show host, and 2x international bestselling author. Founder of Empower Her Conference & Mompreneur CEO Awards Gala.

Dr. Naike Moshi – Founder & CEO of Women In Management Africa that has a mission to improve gender balance and diversity on boards and in leadership roles in line with the international benchmark for sustainable business practices.

Dr. Genique Crowder – Owner/Operator of Sporty Pupz, a retailer that provides 100% organic USDA-approved CBD products, all-natural treats, official sports apparel, and accessory products for dogs. Dr. Genique is also a published author of the book Burning Stables.

Dr. Sunshine Silas – Founder & CEO of reFocus Africa which is an investment and leadership development organization in Africa. reFocus Africa is the bridge connecting people and organizations who have the resources with those who need them in Africa.

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