Sutro introduces the future of pool chemistry control

June 11 00:16 2022
The Sutro smart monitor is a safe, simple, and seamless way to measure pool chemistry and keep your pool crystal clean and safe for swimming. Sutro also provides water treatment recommendations through an easy-to-use app, available on iOS and Android.


Sutro is introducing the future of pool & spa chemistry control: a simple, safe, and effective solution to measure, monitor, and control water treatments. Most people don’t know how to treat their water or rely on expensive pool management companies that come to test the water and adjust the chemicals accordingly. Sutro is on a mission to save people valuable time by providing accurate measurements, sharing which chemicals to use, and how to use them.

The Sutro Smart Monitor is a device that floats in the pool or spa all year round and is built large enough that it will not get sucked into the skimmer. The device features a hub and charger unit with two rechargeable batteries, which are swapped monthly along with a fresh test cartridge.

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The Sutro app has been reviewed as the gold standard of pool maintenance by people who have used it. The app tracks the chemical measurements in the water and features a dashboard that provides treatment recommendations to help keep the water chemistry balanced. The Sutro smart monitor features high-quality LaMotte reagent-powered cartridges, making it an innovative solution for pool chemistry maintenance.

“We use our partner LaMotte’s reagents to ensure that we have the gold standard for water testing. LaMotte has been testing water for over 100 years and is a trusted source for the EPA and waterworks worldwide.”

When the monitor is first placed in the water it runs a self-calibration and then provides  recommendations as needed after each of the three daily tests.  With the service aimed at delivering results, Sutro is a complex device created to ensure simplicity in pool management. “Our main goal is to make water safe, be it agriculture, drinking, pool or spa water.” Sutro has made the smart monitor simple, safe, and seamless to achieve this.

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Besides providing a pool chemistry control device, Sutro aims to become a trusted source of inspiration and knowledge. The smart monitor keeps water safe and continuously alerts customers of necessary chemistry adjustments through the Sutro app. “We strive to provide the best experience. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service we can, and that’s why we have our Sutro Partners program, which is for pool and spa retailers as well as professionals.”

Chemical tests with Sutro are conducted through a flow cell and cartridge full of reagents. “The same way you take a sample of water, add drops of colored reagents in the tube, mix it up, and then compare to a color scale – is the same thing we do. Only our test is on a microscopic level.”

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The use of visionary technology has made it possible for Sutro to create a revolutionary smart monitor and app that makes it the perfect water monitoring system and the best option available in the industry for pool and spa management.

Sutro smart monitor’s website is packed full of information about the product, service, and other insights into pool chemistry control. Visit here:

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